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Episode 103 - takeo

July 24, 2023 Cody Christianson Episode 103
The Chilled Samples Podcast
Episode 103 - takeo
Show Notes

takeo is a 23-year-old instrumentalist and beatmaker from Los Angeles, California. While in grad school studying computer science at university, much of his free time is spent in his home studio making mellow lofi hip hop beats. With past success alongside indie labels Lofi Girl and Chillhop Music - as well as collaborations with SwuM, Two Sleepy, Spencer Hunt, Jinsang, and many others - takeo (fka tysu) has his footing in the world of lofi but is still very early in his sonic narrative. He's grateful to have the opportunity to share his music with the world and hopes to continue expressing his passion for music in his future releases.

On today's episode we discuss:
- takeo's artistic journey
- The importance of trademarks
- How AI may impact the music industry

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