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Episode 105 - Fred Paci

August 03, 2023 Cody Christianson Episode 105
The Chilled Samples Podcast
Episode 105 - Fred Paci
Show Notes

Fred Paci is a Canadian trumpeter, guitarist and music producer. Some notable accomplishments and highlights include playing trumpet with Aretha Franklin, Sarah McLauchlan, served 23 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a musician and currently plays in various orchestras around Ottawa such as the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Ottawa Jazz Orchestra, the Orpheus Musical Theatre Orchestra, jazz combos, and more.

Since 2020, Fred has been releasing original music on digital streaming platforms, garnering a plethora of Spotify and Apple Music Editorial adds. With currently over 20 million streams worldwide, he continues to solidify his presence in the global Lofi/Chillhop music scene, with a signature laid back lyrical style and boppy improvisation reminiscent of the late Clifford Brown and Chet Baker.

On today's episode we discuss:
- Fred's experience growing up in an extremely music family
- Career opportunities that exist for instrumentalists
- Fred's experience as a trumpeter in the Canadian Armed Forces

Connect with Fred Paci on Instagram: @fredpacimusic

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