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Episode 107 - SYNC.EXE

August 15, 2023 Cody Christianson Episode 107
The Chilled Samples Podcast
Episode 107 - SYNC.EXE
Show Notes

The Duke of Chill Otherwise known as SYNC.EXE was born In small-town Elkton Maryland and spent his time around music his whole life. This 20 year old Keyboardist, Drummer, and Singer tinkers around the genres of Contemporary Lo-Fi, Neo-Soul, and Chillhop. For more than 5 years, SYNC.EXE Has worked with the likes of Farnell Newton, Ian Ewing, Tibeauthetraveler, and many more to come. SYNC has also released with labels like Chill Beats Music, Effortless Audio, Atlantic Chill, Kindbrew, and more. He's been recognized as the Duke of Chill for his warm jazzy piano heard from projects like Equinox, Cruise Control, and Morning Person. "When words fail, music speaks" SYNC will always find a way to portray and inspire.

On today's episode we discuss:
- David's artistic journey
- His new album 'Equinox II'
- The benefits of embracing new experiences

Connect with SYNC.EXE on Instagram: @syncexe

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