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Feed Your Gut and Your Immune System | Dr. Emeran Mayer

June 15, 2021 Goodness Lover Season 2 Episode 40
The Goodness Lover Podcast
Feed Your Gut and Your Immune System | Dr. Emeran Mayer
Show Notes

Gut health is becoming increasingly more popular in the media. 📲

You may come across many tips and tricks on how to facilitate and healthy gut microbiome.

Are you interested in learning from one of the physicians that led the research in the field of gut health?

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast we are excited to introduce Dr. Emeran Mayer (@emeranmayer) - a medical doctor, a gastroenterologist, a leading research scientist in his field, and the best-selling author of The Mind-Gut Connection and The Gut-Immune Connection. 🧠

Have you ever considered if there is a diet or lifestyle to follow that can help promote a healthy gut? 🦠

Follow along as Dr. Mayer explains:

👨‍⚕️ His long journey to gut-body medicine

📍 How the immune system is located primarily in the gut

⚙️ Why microbes are able to regulate sickness severity

🌱 The connection between the food we eat and the health of our gut

🍽 How to eat for a diverse gut microbiome

🤨 The connection between our emotions and the gut

This episode also reveals insight into why the microbiome is so intelligent and how it is affected by the environment. 🧩

Listen along to learn about the link between managing your lifestyle and diet to build a diverse and rich microbiome!


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