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How Plants Can Reduce Stress | Gemma Newman

August 03, 2021 Goodness Lover Season 2 Episode 47
The Goodness Lover Podcast
How Plants Can Reduce Stress | Gemma Newman
Show Notes

We’ve all been there - the endless cycle of stress with no end in sight. 😩

And when we’re in this prolonged state of stress, we open our bodies to chronic inflammation and oxidative damage. 🤯

We can’t really avoid stress, but there IS something we can do when it happens! 👏

Did you know that plants in your diet can help fight off the cellular damage that chronic stress causes in your body? 🌱 

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast, we spoke with Dr. Gemma Newman (@plantpowerdoctor) — Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor who specialises in holistic health and plant-based nutrition. She is also the bestselling author of "The Plant Power Doctor." 📚

Dr. Newman explained:

🍽 How food is capable of reducing inflammation in the body

😯 Why stress can be immunosuppressive and damage cells

🥬 The powerful effect of antioxidants in plant foods

🍠 Why you should be eating foods high in tryptophan and fiber

And SO much more!🎙

👂Listen along as Dr. Newman reveals why plants should be at the centre of your diet, especially during stressful times. Check out the full episode at the link in our bio!

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode below! 😋 What has helped you with stressors in your life?

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