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How To Care For Your Immune System | Dr. Heather Moday

October 07, 2021 Goodness Lover / Dr. Heather Moday Season 2 Episode 56
The Goodness Lover Podcast
How To Care For Your Immune System | Dr. Heather Moday
Show Notes

Boosting the immune system has become a huge topic of discussion in the health and wellness area. 💪

If you’ve ever considered how to boost your immunity, you aren't alone! 👯‍♂️

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast we spoke with Dr. Heather Moday (@theimmunitymd) - board-certified immunologist and author of "The Immunotype Breakthrough” - about how to best balance your immune system, what food sources and supplements can support your immunity, and so much more!

Dr. Moday shared:

🎈 How important it is to decrease inflammation and stress in regards to protecting your immune system.

🍽 How to obtain proper nutrients from your nutrition and lifestyle to balance your immune system.

🦠 What led us to the COVID-19 pandemic and previous novel viruses.

💊 Why you cannot supplement your way out of bad health.

🐍 How toxins and parasites damage cells in the body.

😴 Why poor sleep and circadian rhythm negatively impact the immune system.

And much more that can help you find a balanced, healthy life! 🎙

👂 Tune in today by watching the brand new episode on YouTube or listening along on your favourite podcast platform! 🤩

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