Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever

Ep 114: Men Tell All & Hometowns (with Jodi Lee)

December 16, 2020 Eddie Ravert
Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever
Ep 114: Men Tell All & Hometowns (with Jodi Lee)
Show Notes

Jodi Lee (@jodi.high.roller) joins Eddie as we break down both Monday and Tuesday episodes including Men Tell All and Hometowns! Jodi divulges what she really thinks of Bennett and his antics with coming back on the show, her comparison b/w Bennett and John Paul Jones, and the tough breakups with Blake and Riley. Eddie & Jodi also try to get inside the mind of Bennett to see what the real issue is, and what Noah is doing in the world right now.

For Men Tell All; what was Kenny wearing? Is Yosef the worst character in Bachelor Franchise history? Should Chris Harrison have offered what he offered to Yosef? Should Clare have attended? Why were half the guys not there? Noah with the dig of the century at Kenny. Eddie calls out The Bachelorette for trying to trick us on where Men Tell All was filmed. And were these the worst bloopers… ever?

Hometowns… at the La Quinta! Because a global pandemic ain’t stopping hometowns!! We discuss all the “hometowns.” Brendan’s carnival, Zac C. In NYC, Ivan’s cooking and Ben’s Tour de Venice Beach. Who is Antonia Lofaso? What parents were the best and worst? Who’s heart is she about to break. And Eddie has a very direct message for Tayshia’s antics after sending Ben home. 

Eddie & Jodi also go through Best Dressed/ Worst Dressed of both episodes, and is more than one person is dressing Tayshia Adams?

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