Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever

Ep 115: Tayshia Adams Fantasy Suite & Finale

December 23, 2020 Eddie Ravert
Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever
Ep 115: Tayshia Adams Fantasy Suite & Finale
Show Notes

Tayshia Adams’ season finale ends in a beautiful love story, but Eddie has MANY things he wants to discuss, so buckle up. We break down the fantasy suites, departures of Brendan, Ivan and Ben, the engagement, and certain items that were just not ok.

From Monday night’s fantasy suite episode, Eddie goes off on the “World’s Longest Coldest Kiss” date with Ivan, what they should have done in the tub, how Ivan got shafted with the RV, was there parts of a conversation we missed regarding Ivan’s religious beliefs?  

Zac C’s painting date; why does he always say the right thing at the right time? Tayshia trying to call him out on something he said to her a couple weeks ago. More falling in love. 

Then, poor Brendan. Forced to hang out with Neil Lane. Do you have an issue with Brendan going this far before self-eliminating? Eddie does not, and goes into detail on why. And the potential editing snafu that occurred on this date. 

Eddie also discusses Rachel Lindsay’s appearance, Soldier Ben showing back up and somehow making it to the final 2. Is Soldier Ben genuine or full of it? What do his DM’s look like? Why Tayshia and Zac C. just might be legit with their engagement. Why does Zac C always say the most beautiful thing? Tayshia’s parent’s performance. And so much more (plus a special tease at our episode next week). 

Segments include Best Dressed/ Worst Dressed of both episodes, Walt Whitman Poetry Hour, Ratings, Bachelor Nation News, and Eddie NEEDS the Rose Betches feedback on a debate that has transpired regarding a certain body part of Tayshia.

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