Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever

Ep 121: Franco Lacosta

February 03, 2021 Eddie Ravert
Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever
Ep 121: Franco Lacosta
Show Notes

Franco Lacosta is here Rose Betches!! Yes, Franco famously known in Bachelor Nation for his iconic photography dates on Matt James, Tayshia and Nick Viall's season. We cover everything, so get ready. Of course we talk all about the show and the current/ past seasons, but we also get inspirational and cover some pretty amazing additional topics.

Franco dishes on what Queen Victoria was really like. What it was like working with Matt James and all his girls. The moment he started running in the woods. What he really thinks of Zac and Tayshia. And Franco lists his top 5 girls.

We also talk how/ why Franco is such a giving person. How he needs to just wrap his arms around the world. How he stays in the moment. How he is a big "energy" person. And Eddie asks him some fashion questions....

And also... LYNN IS BACK :)

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