Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever

Ep 131: Katie Thurston- Night 6

July 13, 2021 Eddie Ravert
Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever
Ep 131: Katie Thurston- Night 6
Show Notes

What the heck is with the W.O.W.O. ban from Katie? Eddie has some thoughts on it.... A Rose Buds pod fan favorite Franco returns to The Bachelorette! But Eddie has a minor issue with his wedding photography date.... 

Eddie also breaks down Connor getting sent home. How he was set up to fail on his date with Kaitlyn and Jason. Why it was the wrong move. The difference between Katie's strong relationship with Blake and Greg (they couldn't be different). How we need more of the Drag Queens on the show. What value did Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick bring. And the real reason why Hunter should have been sent home (hint: it's not what you think....). 

Segments include Bachelor Nation News, Walt Whitman Poetry Hour, Best Dressed/ Worst Dressed.

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