Talk Energy

#72: Colorado Oil & Gas

November 22, 2021 Max Gagliardi Season 1 Episode 72
Talk Energy
#72: Colorado Oil & Gas
Show Notes

This episode’s guest is Dan Haley, the President and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association. Dan has been in this position since 2015 and it has put him on the frontlines of the policy discussion for oil & gas regulations in Colorado. 

I’d been paying attention to Dan’s content that he puts out on LinkedIn and knew that he would be a great spokesperson for the industry to have on the podcast. 

This episode is filled with discussions about narrative battles that oil & gas is facing and what the industry can do to fight back. We talk about how environmental regulations that constrain domestic production will result in non-domestic barrels being produced that ultimately lead to worse ESG outcomes. Lastly, we talk about doing business in Colorado and what energy producers and stakeholders can expect moving forward. 

Hope you enjoy the show! 

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