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Outside Insights Episode #3: Lessons in Leadership: Give Your Team Power to Call the Shots

January 21, 2021 Chris Burkhard Season 1 Episode 3
Outside Insights
Outside Insights Episode #3: Lessons in Leadership: Give Your Team Power to Call the Shots
Show Notes

If we all wrote a letter to our boss and shared how we view their leadership, how would that work out?  

Could they handle the truth? If you’re a leader, could you? Many leaders have earned their stripes through time and tenure.  The title, power, corner office and “control” are prized commodities.  But, what if true leadership comes from letting go of the reigns instead of reigning everything in?

One of the best lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey as a leader, is that true success comes from letting go and encouraging your teams to lead the way. 

To me, leadership means sharing, teaching, and demonstrating how you can help someone on your team be better, smarter, and more productive every day. I often refer to this concept as “servant leadership” - and it was taught to me by my father, Alan Burkhard.

Alan, now a Outside Insights podcast regular, shares his leadership journey and the lessons he’s learned why mastering the concept. I’ve heard these lessons before throughout my life, but every time I get a refresher, I am in awe.  

I listened to this 10+ times for my mid-life leadership tune up. Look for the leadership exercises in future blogs and podcasts.

Leadership is about creating value for our stakeholders, employees, and all customer groups. This is going to create real value for you as the listener. 

For my experienced leader listeners, this will be the wake-up call you crave and the tune up you need to refresh your impact. For new leaders this will give you the specific roadmap to begin your leadership journey.


Listen to learn about :

  1. How to get information on leadership and how to establish your leadership philosophy.  You do have one, right?
  2. When most folks find themselves in leadership roles by being good at something else, they often learn that “something else” has little to do with being an effective leader. It takes a whole new skillset. 
  3. Leadership is simply about teaching others and making those around you better.  Learn how your success as a leader is rooted in adding value and teaching.


After you give the podcast a listen, here is my personal challenge to all of you:

Let's work together to expect more from our leaders and from ourselves. That's what closing the gap is all about. What do you need from the leaders in your life? What do your people need from you?