Psychology America with Dr. Alexandra

Home from College: Advice for Parents and Students

April 02, 2021 Dr. Alexandra, Psychologist with Dr. Shane Owens, PhD, Psychologist
Psychology America with Dr. Alexandra
Home from College: Advice for Parents and Students
Show Notes

In this show we discuss the push and pull between the budding independence of young adults in college and the task parents have of “letting go,” among other related topics, including: 

  • Self starting and procrastination tips for students
  • Coming back home:  sleep pattern differences and messy rooms
  • Dr. Shane Owens answers direct questions from some students about their current worries

Guest Dr. Shane Owens, PhD had a wonderful "dad voice" that I believe will comfort anyone interested in this topic.  Dr. Owens is a board-certified behavioral and cognitive psychologist dedicated to helping college students, young adults, and parents.  He has been serving campus mental health services at Farmingdale State College for many years and holds a private practice in Commack, New York.   Dr. Owens is frequently a contributor/speaker at professional conferences and is an editorial board member of Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

This show is dedicated to where you can learn all about research that supports the mental and physical health benefits of forgiveness, practical steps on how to forgive and more.  

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