Now Sober with Vince and Jeanna

Fierce Independence Revealed

September 06, 2021 Vince and Jeanna Season 1 Episode 29
Now Sober with Vince and Jeanna
Fierce Independence Revealed
Show Notes

In this Special Episode:

Are you fiercely independent? Does it get in the way of your relationships? Your well-being? In this episode, Jeanna gets real about her difficulties as a fiercely independent woman. She talks about how she came to be fiercely independent, how she let being ultra-responsible rule her life, and what she does to work through it.

Listen to Vince and Jeanna’s conversation to see if you identify as fiercely independent and some of the things you can do to overcome it.

Episode Highlights:

  • What characteristics of a co-dependent person connect to the quality of being fiercely independent.
  • How trauma and childhood situations can lead to a fierce independence.
  • What fierce independence looks like.
  • The benefits and consequences of fierce independence.
  • Jeanna inadvertently takes the 5th step.
  • How fierce independence leads to alcohol abuse.
  • Some things you can look at to overcome your fierce independence.

How does a fiercely independent woman practice self-care?
If you are a fiercely independent woman, you might have difficulty with self-care. After all, who has time to take care of yourself when you are so busy taking care of others. The good news is that we do it the same way every other woman does it. The bad news is that we do it the same way every other woman does it. 

 No matter whether you are fiercely independent or ultra-dependent, you have to first get past the belief that you don’t deserve, have time, or are selfish for wanting self-care. Then you have to know how to practice self-care. 

I am offering a course that will help you do that. If you want to know more, check out this link.

Simply Sober Self-Care: An 8-Week Course to Help You Beat “I Need a Drink” Thinking

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