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29. With Melanie Klein - on unleashing the whole women within.
August 21, 2018 Elizabeth Flynn
Hello WILD WMN, Join Elizabeth as she speaks with Melanie Klein - thought leader, influencer, author, mother, empowerment coach, professor and so much more. Melanie is welcomed onto the podcast for the second time to talk about her work in women's studies and sociology, her role as an activist, mother and wellness leader and how wellness and activism go hand in hand to create and empower whole women. In this podcast we talk about visibility and the drive to be seen and heard, we discuss motherhood and the role that it plays in society and history. If you haven't listened to the first podcast with Melanie go and listen now - we talk about body image, yoga and so much more. Melanie is the co-editor of Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery + Loving Your Body (Llewellyn, 2014) with Anna Guest-Jelley, a contributor in 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice (Horton & Harvey, 2012), is featured in Conversations with Modern Yogis (Shroff, 2014), a featured writer in Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Mindful Living (Llewellyn, 2016), co-editor of Yoga, the Body and Embodied Social Change: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis with Dr. Beth Berila and Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts (Rowman and Littlefield, 2016) as well as the editor of the new anthology, Yoga Rising: 30 Empowering Stories from Yoga Renegades for Every Body (Llewellyn, 2018). She co-founded the Yoga and Body Image Coalition in 2014. She has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1996 and currently lives in Santa Monica, CA. You can find her here: http://www.melaniecklein.com/ http://ybicoalition.com/ http://www.yogaandbodyimage.org/ http://www.yogarisingbook.com/ Instagram: @melmelklein @ybicoalition If you like this podcast please hit SUBSCRIBE and give us a POSITIVE REVIEW Visit www.wildwmn.com for more ! @wearethewildwmn
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