Pool Fencing as Layer of Protection
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Let's Talk About Pools
Pool Fencing as Layer of Protection
Dec 17, 2021 Season 1 Episode 25
Lauren Broom-Space Coast Pool School

In episode 25, Lauren interviews Eric Lupton, President of Lifesaver Pool Fence about how pool fencing as a layer of protection can help in drowning prevention. This is definitely another great episode in the drowning prevention series that you do not want to miss.

Podcast Guest:
Eric Lupton
President of Life Saver Pool Fence. He began his career at Life Saver Pool Fence in 1997 and has grown it to its current status as one of the largest pool fence companies in the world and one of the few recognized by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely Campaign. Life Saver offers removable mesh pool safety fencing that’s both almost completely (87%) transparent and yet surprisingly strong, with each pole withstanding over 100 pounds of force. It’s been proven for over 80 years to be the most effective way to keep children from accessing the pool. 

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