Pristine Ocean Podcast

5. MY Clean Beach - Geeva Samynathan

February 21, 2021 Peter Hall
Pristine Ocean Podcast
5. MY Clean Beach - Geeva Samynathan
Show Notes

Today we are visiting a project run by our friend Geeva in Malaysia. 

Geeva has created an impressive project to keep the beaches around Malaysia clean. But more importantly, she has been changing peoples mindsets about personal responsibility for marine litter.

Her organized clean-ups bring together volunteers for a few hours every month. Her social media is crammed full of group photos of smiling people who have attended one of her beach clean-ups.

Geeva tells me that Malaysia already has a developed waste management system but people themselves are needed to change their behaviour about trashing the coastline.

Her energy and passion for the mycleanbeach project is obvious. Talking to Geeva made me think about my own behaviour. I immediately noticed changes so I definitely believe she is moving the needle on changing other peoples perception by getting them involved in beach cleanups.



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