TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama

DIVIDED: #1 - The Eyes of Time

May 05, 2021 V. Morrow Season 2 Episode 1
TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama
DIVIDED: #1 - The Eyes of Time
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SET YOUR MIND on things above with TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama. AND NOW the ADVENTURE CONTINUES with DIVIDED--The Days of Peleg.

Bow to the Image! Has the whole world gone mad? Or is there something wrong with a statue that speaks and the giant man who makes the people worship it? Peleg is virtually alone in his misgivings. Meanwhile, all the rest of Shinar follows the mighty hunter Nimrod in building a Tower to reach the gates of heaven and even the Ancient One Himself. Could the mysterious encounters and cruel whispers heard since the Tower Temple's construction lead to something good? To Peleg the matter is simple, find someone who remembers the truth, someone who still hears The Voice—before it's too late. So, Peleg embarks on a journey to learn the secrets his great ancestors Methuselah and Enoch knew. Little does Peleg realize, Enoch—the very one, taken so long ago to a dimension outside space and time—and his son Methuselah are both working just as fervently toward the same goal. With the aid of a wise, old King, the tales from the stones, and the "knowing" that burns, Peleg may be mankind's only hope to stop the darkness descending from the Tower. Never again will a Flood destroy the earth, the Ancient One promised—next time it will be Fire!

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 Remember, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”  PLEASE share this UPLIFTING READ with your friends and get ready to SOAR. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR LISTENING and MAY THE FAVOR OF THE ANCIENT ONE BE ON YOU.
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Chapter 1 – The Eyes of Time


Outside Time: Location—Heaven’s Realm, 3rd Dimension. Enoch Gets a Job.

Enoch waved his palm over the glistening panel, barely pausing when the glimmering doors opened, and entered the Tower of Reckoning. He stepped onto the liquid path, without stumbling this time. “Light!” Enoch exclaimed as the golden substance solidified beneath his feet and zoomed upwards toward his floor. A few passersby in the bustling transport lobby turned and smiled at the Visitor. Enoch waved his hand and smiled back, but quickly turned away hoping they would not notice his blushing face. He still was not accustomed to the sensation of moving through the air at such speed. Enoch stretched his hands out for balance, attracting even more chuckles, and gazed open-mouthed at the view through the crystal windows—the Seti of the Most High stood resplendent before him. Tall jewel-toned structures reflected the constant light of the Ancient into a rainbow of colors, which washed over the tree-lined streets and canal below. The result was breathtaking. There were trees, taller than anything he’d seen in Adamah, swaying in the wind. Their petals floated down onto the beings moving to and fro about the business of the Ancient One.

Enoch stepped off his stream, Purpose 1208, and walked briskly toward the arched mahogany doors of the Department of Progression. His footsteps echoed in the grand hall. The entrance was impressive to say the least. Intricate carvings adorned the panels from the bottom to the top of its towering four-story height. Enoch pulled the golden knob. 

“Light!” Enoch exclaimed, jerking his hand back. The wood disappeared and in its place was—

“This cannot be, for truth—” Enoch rubbed his eyes. “No, it is no dream.” The Woods of Avenland stood before him. “How can this be?”

A dactyl flew through the canopy of trees, hunting. 

“Curious,” Enoch stepped forward. Something firm pushed him back. “What?” Enoch shook his head as the scene vanished. 

“Careful now,” a voice behind him warned. 

Enoch swung around. It was the Beloved. “My Lord,” Enoch said, bowing deeply.

“You wouldn’t want to start again from the beginning, would you?” the Beloved touched his forehead. “Please rise. You’re right on schedule.”


Methuselah’s Time: Location—Plains of Avenland, Adamah, 1st Dimension.

Tiph’arah woke with a start. “Wait!” she yelled. Her own screams rose her from the fitful dream. She had been surrounded by talking lights, voices, the sound of thunder, and Enoch. He was there too. She tried to talk to them, to get their attention, but no one could hear her. 

She sat upright and shook her head as if the motion would erase her unease. Tiph’arah looked around. I could have sworn I heard Enoch. And where was Onami? “That be just like a Watcher. Nowhere to be found when you actually need someone watching.” She taunted, waiting for a smart retort. “For truth, Watcher you can show yourself now.” 

Tiph’arah gazed into the depths of the river, expecting to see him appear before her eyes. Nothing but the sound of the Gihon splashing onto the riverbed and the chirp of the sing-song birds filled her ears. It was peaceful, but not that sweet stillness like last sun’s sleep. Something rustled behind her and in one movement Tiph’arah had her bow drawn.

“Easy there.” Methuselah dropped the pack and put his hands up.

“Oh,” Tiph’arah said, lowering her weapon, “it’s just you.”

“Yep, just me, your only hope.” Methuselah hoped the jab would lighten her mood. As the second best shot in the tribe, Tiph’arah often Methuselah said was their ‘only hope’ if something should happen to her. “Did you have a restful sun’s sleep?” Methuselah asked. 

“Did you see a man by the river this sun’s peak?”

“No—Tiph’arah you should know something—” Methuselah started.

“Where is Enoch? I could have sworn I heard him last sun’s sleep.”

“That is what I’m trying to tell you. Enoch is gone.”

“Well, where did he go? I need to speak with him about Naamah. I want permission to attend her ceremony of passage. Perhaps, as the Bearer, Enoch and the elders could escort a group of us Medici. Surely Father Lamech would want his daughter to be remembered by—”

Methuselah shook his head. “You do not understand. You will not be able to speak with him,” he said, turning his head as he reached for the pack he dropped “No one will.” 

“Oh, did he return to Avenland Forest to meet with the Ancient One?” Tiph’arah looked at the satchel Methuselah busied himself with. “Is that Enoch’s pack? He will be wanting his sack, for truth. If we head out now, we may be able to catch up with him. He never leaves his—” Tiph’arah paused, noticing the tears on Methuselah’s face. She touched his hand. “What is troubling you? Tell me.”

“The Ancient One took him.”

“That is no reason to lose your peace.” Tiph’arah patted his back. “Enoch always returns. You just need to be patient—”

“No, Tiph’arah!” Methuselah brushed her hand away. “You do not understand. He will not be coming back this time.” Methuselah turned away so Tiph’arah would not see him crying. “He told me so himself.” 

“When?” she demanded. “How? The Hidden Father never takes a man with life in his blood! Is this more of Tubal-Cain’s foolery? I wager he and those Elohim be tricking us again. I will judge them myself.” Tiph’arah gathered her satchel and whistled for her four-runner who stood grazing in the distance. “No one abducts the Bearer and lives.”

“This is not good.” Onami fluctuated, splaying a rainbow of colors in the atmosphere. “Be at peace.” The unseen Guardian focused his intentions and golden light emanated from him, forming a radius around the two humans.

“Tiph’arah wait—” Methuselah grabbed her arm. “You do not understand. Enoch was not captured. I am telling you the truth. Last eve—you were sleeping—I could not wake you—I tried,” Methuselah said, “I saw my father leave with the—in the Light itself!” 

“For the Light of the Ancient, Methuselah, do not jest with me,” Tiph’arah said tossing her sack of arrows to the ground. “You speak nonsense. I want to know exactly what happened and I want to know right now.”

“Sit,” Methuselah pointed to the spot where Tiph’arah had sat with Onami last eve. “I will tell you all.”

“She really should make some ketu.” Onami focused his thoughts again, careful to stay away from the river’s edge this time. He didn’t want the girl to perceive his reflection. She was a keen one.


“Well, I am waiting,” she retorted.

“Could you make us some ketu?” asked Methuselah, “This might take a while.”

Onami smiled.


Methuselah’s Time: Location—Seti of Nod, Adamah, 1st Dimension.

Semjaza paced as he prepared himself for the visit from the Great Leader. He surveyed the newly constructed shelter with wooden beams laid into the floor. Benches for sitting were carved into the walls and colorful woven fabrics decorated the walls. He had a troop of the sebassi men carve designs into the ceiling under Hazazel’s watchful eye. Better, but still lacking. The greatest of the B’Nai Elohim would expect splendor. No, this will never do. He picked up a small bell and rang it. Immediately, a sebassi appeared at the door.

“Yes, my lord,” she said bowing low.

“What is this ridiculous display?” he asked sharply.

The young maiden kept her head down, “My apologies my lord.” She rushed toward the table and began adjusting the baskets of fresh aloti cakes and vegetables. “If you would but tell me what is wrong, we will most certainly fix it.”

“You most certainly will. I expected you to prepare a feast of your finest cuts and fruit—” Semjaza paused snapping his fingers as he searched for the words, “something like—that is—” 

“Many pardons my lord, but do you mean for us to prepare a platter like we make for Father Lamech?”

“Yes!” Semjaza sneered, “Only make it seven times better than what you prepare for him. Oh, and that is my expectation from this point forward. Do I make myself clear?”

“Very clear, my lord,” the girl’s cheeks flushed as she turned to leave.

“Sebassi, there is one more thing.”

“Yes, my lord,” she whispered.

“Clean this mess up,” Semjaza swiped his arm across the beautifully arranged table, sending aloti cakes and cups full of ketu splattering across the immaculate wooden floor.

“Surely, right away. We will fix it most promptly,” she scurried away toward the tents of the sebassi assigned to serve Semjaza.

“So, they still honor Father Lamech, do they? I will show them who is lord of this pitiful tribe. Father Lamech, indeed,” Semjaza muttered as he remembered the old man’s futile attempts to undermine his authority. “Father Lamech is too much a fool if he thinks he can order the sebassi to serve me lesser fare.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” A dim glow filled the room and Lord L appeared before him, scowling with arms folded, “Since when does the great Captain of the Watchers allow his temper to get the best of him?”

“I—forgive me, my deepest apologies.” Semjaza bowed prostrate. “I didn’t realize—”

Lord L paused, allowing silence to increase the Watcher’s discomfort. “No need to explain. Rise,” the Great Leader finally said with a wave of his hand. “I must say I thoroughly approve of your methods—” 

Semjaza breathed a sigh of relief.

“But, my dear Captain, timing is everything. Your timing is completely contradictory to my will.”

Semjaza kept his head bowed. Moments passed. The silence was unbearable. I’d better say something. “How might I correct this, my lord?” 

“Ah, that is the spirit, my good Captain,” Lord L said smiling. “Always be willing to admit your mistakes. Creating a sense of awe, reverence actually, through instilling fear is effective. However, we must gain their trust before our intentions are revealed. Balance is everything.” 

“Of course, my lord, duly noted,” Semjaza said.

“If we are too lenient, they will not submit. If we are too cruel, they will rebel and thwart our efforts.” The Great Leader walked toward a small figurine sitting inside an enclave in the wall. He picked it up and ran his fingers over its curves. “Beautiful craftsmanship. I believe I have the original,” he laughed, “This is a fine representation of Naamah, is it not?”

“Hazazel carved it himself. It was a gift to honor my union with Naamah.”

 “Most fitting. Which brings me to the purpose of my visit. I believe condolences and congratulations are in order. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, Naamah, during the birthing. A shame that the first offspring of the Elohim will never know his mother.” The Great Leader carefully placed the figurine back onto the pedestal and walked over to face Semjaza once more.

“Of course, that would be a problem if I was not lord of this realm,” Lord L said, putting a hand on Semjaza’s shoulder. “But all is not lost. There is a way to return Naamah to you.”

“You can reverse death, my lord?” asked Semjaza.

“Naturally,” replied the Great Leader with a dismissive wave of his hand, “with the proper elements and rituals done within the window of opportunity and, of course, at the proper time. Again, my Captain, timing is everything. I will need your full cooperation.”

“Certainly, my lord, your instructions will be carried out most thoroughly, without any delay.”

“Perfect, Semjaza,” said Satan, “Have Hazazel join us, and I will go over the requirements. But first, where is the childling?”


Peleg’s Time: Location—City of Babel, Plains of Shinar, Adamah, 1st Dimension.

Molech dug his way through the dark vast tunnels, passing a few humans as he traveled upwards. Those that saw him paid homage, bowing face down on the earthen floor and remaining until he passed. Others kept right on working. They couldn’t see him he knew, these “unenlightened ones”. Yes, the master’s plan was working well. No more hiding. He and his comrades assigned to Shinar walked boldly among the Sons of Adam. 

“Mmf,” he chuckled, “they don’t even seem to mind my grotesque features.” In fact, they worshiped them, even going so far as to make masks emulating his dog ears and sleek black coat. “Molech, have mercy, Lord Molech,” they called out to him and brought gifts of woolen fabric, the finest cuts of ram and goat (raw of course), even gold. Naturally, these mere trinkets were nothing of the glory he was used to. Molech quickly pushed that thought to the far recesses of his mind, ignoring the pain he felt when he remembered that other place. 

“Rubbish, this is much better. Yes, we are the gods now,” mumbled Molech as he made his way up the wide stone steps to the altar. He paused to run his rough hands over a particularly well-crafted figurine made in his likeness. “Mmf,” he muttered. It was only silver. “But it is the thought that counts,” he reassured himself, taking his seat on the throne. 

Molech merged himself inside the massive idol standing no less than thirty spans tall and glanced over the fertile plain spread before him. “Yes, all is well indeed.” Thousands of humans were busy at work in the dawn’s light. Digging, pulling hauling, stirring, molding, and crafting the baked stones destined to pierce the heavens. “Lord L was right. Why should we work when we can get someone else to do it for us?” 

The stone idol glowed crimson as a man donned in priestly robes with gifts in hand approached Molech. He bowed low before the altar. Molech “enlightened” the human, whispering the dark thoughts and intentions of the master into his mind. The man trembled. He reeked of fear. “Good,” Molech nodded his head. “I will honor this one since he has shown proper respect.” Slowly, he revealed himself showing the man his true essence—in horrific detail. Ah, he is spellbound by my magnificence. Molech touched his grateful subject with one long razor-sharp talon.

The man’s eyes bulged. He bit his lip until blood appeared. He backed away slowly, tripping and stumbling, as he tried to keep his forehead low to the ground. Then, turned and screamed— “Molech!” 

The blood-curdling sound echoed through the valley. All work ceased in the plain below. Thousands of eyes looked upward toward the statue. 

Molech laughed.


Peleg’s Time: Location—City of Babel, Plains of Shinar, Adamah, 1st Dimension.

Anissi was no god-tempter. “Put it back!” she yelled, grabbing for the figurine. 

“Put what back?” Peleg teased, juggling the statute of the goddess and a cob of corn placed in the dome-shaped gathering place.

“You show no respect son of Shem. That is for the goddess!” Anissi lunged for the idol but missed and stumbled forward into a basket of freshly baked aloti cakes. They spilled all over the earthen floor. “Now look what you have caused.”

        “I have done no wrong and I show much respect where respect is due,” Peleg replied, still tossing the stone figure. “Watch this. Peleg the Mysterious shall now attempt to handle the goddess, the corn and—fire.” Without missing a beat, Peleg snatched a torch from the wall and tossed it in the air, alternating all three with ease.

        “Stop it now, Peleg! I am not amused. You will curse us both.” Anissi leaped and caught the idol.

        “Ouch,” Peleg stumbled backwards, dipping just in time to catch the torch and cob. “Now look what you have caused. I burned my hand.” Peleg threw the torch and cob into a water pot and clutched his left hand. “Where is the alroue?”

        “How should I know?  Besides, I would not give you alroue even if I did. Serves you best. The goddess is already punishing your foolishness. You are not mysterious at all, Peleg. You are a fool. Peleg the Fool is what I shall call you from now on.” Anissi tossed her long dark locks with as much arrogance as the Queen of Heaven herself and marched toward the door clutching the idol to her chest. “Serves you best,” she said slamming the door behind her.

        Peleg frowned, “Anissi wait—” He ran toward the door to follow, but she was already rushing down the steps toward the village. 

Peleg walked slowly following her route. She just needs a time to settle herself.  He did not want anyone from his tribe to see him chasing after a daughter of Ham, although she was most beautiful. She will come to herself, of course. All the young maidens loved that trick, at least from his tribe. He had done it dozens of times, usually with fruit, but once with long-handled daggers.  It impressed the young women as well as flowers, and often secured him an invitation to feast at the table of the maiden’s father. But I have never juggled an idol. Surely, she does not believe the tales? Peleg massaged his throbbing hand. It is nothing a good salve cannot cure. “Why are maidens so stupid?” muttered Peleg.


 Outside Time: Location—Department of Progressions, Heaven’s Realm, 3rd Dimension.

The Beloved extended his hand to the man bowed prostrate on the floor and helped him to his feet. “Enoch, let’s begin,” the Beloved said, gesturing to a plain table by the window. “We have much to cover.” 

The man trembled and staggered as he tried to walk to the table. 

The Beloved softened his essence. “There is nothing to be afraid of and I am sure you have many questions.”

“Many pardons, my Lord,” Enoch said. “I do not know why I was so weak, but I do feel able to move now.” As he drew near the table, two chairs appeared. “Ah,” Enoch jumped, startled by their sudden appearance.

 “You will grow accustomed to it,” the Beloved laughed as he took the man gently by the shoulders, “Please, sit.”  

Enoch practically fell into the chair. “What?” Enoch jerked backwards in his seat as the window next to him expanded until it covered the entire wall. Then, he leaned forward transfixed by the scene before him. He could see thousands of people cheering in the streets below, they threw confetti, a troupe of musicians played as the people sang and danced. “May I go down to the Celebration?” Enoch asked.

“Not yet,” the Beloved said. 

“Oh,” Enoch replied still gazing at the scene.

“Eventually,” he added when he saw Enoch’s crestfallen expression. “This is what we will discuss today,” the Beloved said waving his hand across the window. Instantly, the Seti of Nod appeared before them. 

Enoch jerked backwards into his seat. This time the chair almost tipped over backwards. Enoch gripped the table just in time to steady himself. He saw Father Lamech and Tubal-Cain speaking inside the elder’s tent. Then, B’Nai Elohim Captain Semjaza walked in startling the two men. They seemed to be arguing. “Is that real?” He reached out to touch the images. “I mean, how can this be?” 

The Beloved caught his hand, lowered it and smiled, “Calm yourself, my friend. Yes, it is real. You have been assigned to the Department of Progressions. What you are seeing is just one of many progressions. This one just happens to be Progression 1704, which is one of the derivatives of Purpose 1208. Remember that is the stream you took to arrive to this place?”

“Yes,” Enoch replied. “Lord Selahneia from the Council gave me instructions and told me you would meet me here.”

“Yes, and so here we are, ready to discuss the progression of Adamah.”

“The progression of Adamah? I don’t understand.”

“Enoch, you have been chosen to record and participate in the correction of this progression. That is why we brought you back here to Heaven’s Realm. What you see is what has been occurring in the progression you are from since you left. You may view it from this room. But do not touch it until you are instructed to do so.”

“Forgive me Lord, but may I ask what would happen if I were to touch the window?” Enoch said, lowering his hands.

The Beloved paused, staring at Enoch for a moment, and sighed. “Well, I was not going to discuss that with you during our first session. Yet, you might as well know.” With another wave of his palm, the window misted as if a thick fog rolled in from the other side. As it slowly cleared, a multitude of lands and people appeared.

Enoch grinned. He could see Methuselah and Tiph’arah by the River Gihon completely unaware that Guardian Onami sat silently beside them drinking a cup of ketu. 

Just below that scene, Enoch saw a young man doing his best to impress a beautiful young girl with his juggling. “Oh, he is very good, but a little clumsy,” he laughed. 

This time, Enoch glanced slightly to the right. He saw the B’Nai Elohim Captain Semjaza speaking with a servant girl. “I did not realize an Elohim could have such a temper. What a mess he has made!” Enoch watched as that Furious One appeared and Semjaza bowed paying reverence to him. Enoch shuddered, edging his chair closer to the Beloved. It was as if that being’s hatred could be felt even in Heaven’s Realm.

“Enoch, remember Captain Semjaza has been stripped of his title and his duties. He no longer operates according to the will of The Ancient. He is Fallen and obeys the Accuser now.”

“The Accuser?” Enoch repeated, “Oh yes, I saw that Furious One before in Adamah. He appeared through the fire when the Watchers Onami, Kedar and Azam first came and spoke with me.”

“Yes,” answered the Beloved. “I sent them to assist you in Progression 1704. When the Furious One and his followers rebelled against The Ancient One, they were exiled from Heaven’s Realm and sentenced to Sheol—”

“So Sheol is real?” interrupted Enoch.

 “Of course, it is real. Surely, you remember the teachings of Father Adam and Mother Eve?” the Beloved answered with a firm stare.

Enoch blushed. When the Beloved looked at him that way, he knew that truth as well as he did his own dwelling in Adamah. Why had he doubted the knowledge passed on to him by his elders?

The Beloved continued patiently. “Sheol is contained within Adamah, the focal point of Progression 1704 and many others. But, when Great Father Adam and Great Mother Eve broke The Ancient One’s policies governing that jurisdiction, their authority automatically went to the next son of God on Adamah with the highest rank—the Furious One who was once my Light Bearer, Lord L.”

Enoch bowed, raising his hand, as he did when he was a childling sitting under the teaching of Great Father Adam.

 “No need for formalities here,” the Beloved laughed, “You may speak.”

“What is a policy?” Enoch continued before the Beloved could answer, “Do you mean to say that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is also called a jurisdiction?”

“No, Enoch,” the Beloved laughed again, and brilliant light exploded in tiny bubbles around him. “I moved ahead of myself. Of course, you do not understand those concepts yet as you are not located past coordinates 122, 74, 82.”

Enoch frowned.

“A policy is a set of rules that must be followed. When Great Father Adam and Mother Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they broke one of the Ancient One’s policies. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was not the jurisdiction. The jurisdiction is the area where the one in authority has a right to enforce policy and judge those who break it.”

“Oh-h-h,” Enoch said. “It is like when the Elders hold Tribunal and judge matters between the people. Our Elders made decisions regarding the Tribe of Seth. But we could not judge those of the Tribe of Cain. Only the Bearer who had jurisdiction of both tribes could do that.”

“Exactly,” the Beloved said, “Now that you understand, let me explain the images before you. This window is Eye 1704. There are many of these created by the Ancient Father. But this one reveals all aspects—time, location, and dimension—of Progression 1704, which is the realm of Adamah where you were born. Adamah is currently in what is called a contradiction. Every realm and being within it, is created by the expressed thought of the Ancient One. He speaks and so it is. That realm will progress until it reaches maturity or the full expression of the Ancient One’s original intention. Once completion is achieved, that realm enters perpetuity, a cycle of unending bliss. Finally, the mature realm moves to expansion—new progressions, or derivatives, are birthed from that realm and the cycle begins again. This has occurred countless times and, until Adamah, there has never been a contradiction in a progression.”   

“Lord, please forgive my boldness,” Enoch interjected, “if there is a problem—that is a contradiction in Adamah, can you not fix it?”

“Only someone living within the contradiction can correct it—this is one of the Ancient One’s guiding rules. It prevents beings from other realms from forcing their will inside a Progression that is not their own. When Great Father Adam and Mother Eve sinned, they corrupted Adamah’s perpetuity cycle. Instead of Adamah moving on to infinite bliss, then expansion, it is now locked into a perpetuity cycle of corruption. Adamah and every being within it will move toward complete depravity, then infinite evil, and finally an expansion of its own corruption.”

“My Lord,” Enoch cried as he watched Eye 1704 illuminate a multitude of scenes and derivatives too horrific to describe. Enoch fell to his knees, unable to take his eyes away from the display.

“Enoch, rise.” The Beloved touched his shoulder. Light flowed from him, strengthening the man while returning Eye 1704 back to the panoramic view of Heaven’s Realm.

Enoch stood to his feet and gripped the table to steady himself. “How can this be? Please—there must be something you can do.”

The Beloved smiled. “Enoch, I have chosen you to begin the correction of Adamah’s Progression.”

“Me?” Enoch’s mouth dropped. “Why, me? What can I do?”

“As a human born from Adam, the original Bearer of the Seed, you are allowed to interfere with Progression 1704’s development. We have been waiting for one of Adam’s sons to qualify for this assignment. Although you were not the first one considered, you are the first to pass the test.”

“You have been testing me? When? I did not take any tests.”

“Enoch, when you were on the cliffs of Avenland trying to escape the Cherubim, I rescued you. I led you to the Garden of Eden, back to the Tree of Life.”

“But I thought—no that cannot be. The Elohim I met there told me I was in the Garden of God.”

The Beloved laughed again. “They spoke the truth. The Garden of Eden and the Garden of God share an intertwined segment in Progression 1704. Surely Great Father Adam told you how I used to meet with him in the Garden? Through the Garden, Adam, and Eve as well, both had access to the realm of Adamah and Heaven’s Realm. The Ancient Father never intended the two realms to be separated.”

“Adam told me how the Ancient One spoke with him, but he never said anything about you, and he never said he went to Heaven’s Realm,” Enoch said, furrowing his brow as if the movement would help him comprehend. “Even the Elohim Onami said that the Garden of Eden and the Garden of God were different. And how was I tested? I just do not understand this, for truth.”

“Adam would not have known the difference between Heaven’s Realm and his own land because the transition between the two was seamless, that is until he disobeyed.” The Beloved paused, sighed, and began again. “The Great Father, whom you also call the Ancient One, and the Council wanted to see if you would disobey the same way that Adam did. If you could resist the temptation to do your own will, then a temporary exemption could be granted to you, for the purposes of correcting Progression 1704. When you did not eat of the Tree of Life, even though you had the opportunity to do so, you resisted temptation. The Council, especially Lord Selahneia, was most pleased and the temporary exemption was granted.”

“Pardon my asking, my Lord, but what exactly am I exempted from?”

The Beloved leaned forward, eyes gleaming with light. “Enoch you are exempted from death, temporarily. You have entered The Ancient One’s Rest,” he said rising to his feet, “this is the bridge between Heaven’s Realm and Adamah, the dwelling place for men of dust who believe in the Ancient One so much they obey. Here and only here will you have complete protection from the Furious One.”

Enoch stood again and began to pace. He stopped, abruptly opened his mouth, then closed it just as quickly, and began to pace again. 

The Beloved looked on in silence. Tiny bubbles of light flowed from his eyes and the corners of the grin emblazoned on his face.

“Wait!” Enoch stopped so hard his heels clicked together. “You said I was not the first to be tested. Where are the others?” Enoch said looking around the room. “Who are the others? Was Tubal-Cain tested too?”

“There are no others. You are the only human to enter the Ancient One’s Rest so far. And no Tubal-Cain was not tested. Is that all?”

Enoch began pacing again. “You said others were tested. What happened to them?”

“Ah, yes. You would want to know.” The Beloved sat at the table again. “Enoch, please sit.”

Enoch frowned, but stopped pacing and sat next to the Beloved.

“The other men who were tested were trackers like yourself,” the Beloved said.

“Oh, the men the Elders sent to search for alroue before me. They never returned. We all wondered what became of them.”

“Exactly. Those men did not choose wisely. Once it became clear they would not restrain themselves from the Tree of Life, I protected them from making an eternal mistake.”

“What do you mean ‘protected’ them?” Enoch asked.

“All those men who sought the alroue had accidents which brought about their death.”

“I see,” Enoch folded his arms and leaned back in his chair. “I knew those men and their wives and childlings.”

“So do I.”

“They were good men,” claimed Enoch pounding a fist on the table, “they did not have to die.”

“That is not an accurate statement,” the Beloved said calmly as waves of liquid light flowed out of his eyes and into the room. 

“They were men with the potential to be good. Yet, they were about to choose evil. I prevented that from happening. Those men now rest with their fathers who perished in right-standing with the Ancient Father. They are safe from the fate of those who follow the Furious One. Had they lived and sinned against the Ancient One, they would have been sentenced to Sheol eternally.”

“But what about their wives and childlings who still suffer because they have no father?”

“True. Their childlings no longer have a father of flesh and blood. Yet, the Ancient Father cares for them daily. In fact, The Ancient One especially cares for childlings who have lost their father or mother.” The Beloved waved his hand toward the window and it immediately misted over.

Enoch turned his head toward Eye 1704 as the mist cleared. Images of the children of the men who died appeared before him. He watched the scenes with fascination—he was in many of them! All those children had been especially favored of the Ancient One with skills and intellect. None of them experienced lack and many of their mothers were now married again to kinsman in their tribe. All was well.

Enoch wailed and laid prostrate on the floor. “Forgive me, Lord. I do not deserve an exemption.”

“Rise, Enoch,” the Beloved said. “There is nothing to forgive.” Bubbles of light cascaded from his entire being and exploded into the room, leaving it awash in golden light so thick Enoch reached out to touch it.

His hand passed right through it. Enoch frowned.

The Beloved laughed. “I understand your thought processes perfectly and I am not offended by a childling who is learning. But we must stop for now. You have learned enough for our first session. You need time to digest this knowledge. Rest here. The Elohim assigned to you will come soon to refresh you and escort you back to your dwelling.”

Enoch was disappointed. He wanted to learn more. Yet, he did feel drained. He would have stood up but found he could barely rise to his feet.

The Beloved walked toward the heavy mahogany doors. “We will meet here again at 122.74.84 to discuss anomalies in Progression 1704.”

“Lord?” Enoch said.


“What is 122.74.84?” as he swirled his hands through the thick golden light still hovering in the room.

“Do not worry,” the Beloved chuckled, “The Elohim will make sure you arrive at the proper point.”

Enoch, fascinated with the movement of the light, now moved his arms rapidly up and down in front of his body trying to catch a fistful of the golden substance.


“Yes, Lord.” Enoch paused with arms still outstretched in midair.

“Remind me to explain light to you sometime.”

Before Enoch could respond, the Beloved vanished in a single point of light.