TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama

DIVIDED: #13 - The Incubator

May 06, 2021 V. Morrow Season 2 Episode 13
TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama
DIVIDED: #13 - The Incubator
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SET YOUR MIND on things above with TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama. AND NOW the ADVENTURE CONTINUES with DIVIDED--The Days of Peleg.

Bow to the Image! Has the whole world gone mad? Or is there something wrong with a statue that speaks and the giant man who makes the people worship it? Peleg is virtually alone in his misgivings. Meanwhile, all the rest of Shinar follows the mighty hunter Nimrod in building a Tower to reach the gates of heaven and even the Ancient One Himself. Could the mysterious encounters and cruel whispers heard since the Tower Temple's construction lead to something good? To Peleg the matter is simple, find someone who remembers the truth, someone who still hears The Voice—before it's too late. So, Peleg embarks on a journey to learn the secrets his great ancestors Methuselah and Enoch knew. Little does Peleg realize, Enoch—the very one, taken so long ago to a dimension outside space and time—and his son Methuselah are both working just as fervently toward the same goal. With the aid of a wise, old King, the tales from the stones, and the "knowing" that burns, Peleg may be mankind's only hope to stop the darkness descending from the Tower. Never again will a Flood destroy the earth, the Ancient One promised—next time it will be Fire!

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Chapter 13 – The Incubator


Outside Time: Location – Enoch’s Abode, Heaven’s Realm, Third Dimension

Enoch gazed hungrily at the meal set before him—fresh roasted vegetables, a tray of fruit and some type of thick bread. For truth, I always feel so famished after training with the Beloved. “What is this?” Enoch asked the minister who delivered the tray. 

She laughed as if he had asked the silliest question in all the dimensions. “It is exactly what you want. So, you already know what it is.” 

Enoch tore off a piece of the bread and took a bite. 

“Don’t keep me in suspense. What is it?” she asked. 

“Aloti cakes!” he exclaimed. 

“Aloti cakes it is,” the minister agreed. “We were all wondering what it was too.” She nodded and left the room.

Strange, how everything in the Third Dimension was intensified, even the smell of food. The aroma from his tray made his mouth water. He was just about to take another bite when the door to his chambers swung open. He lifted his head, expecting to see the minister bringing in more food. 

His jaw dropped.

“See,” the Beloved said, as he entered the room and took a bow. “I do know how to use the door.” He grinned, enjoying his joke.

Enoch looked mortified. “My Lord, please—” he said. “I meant no disrespect earlier. That thought came out before I could—”

“Relax, Enoch,” the Beloved said. “No offense was taken. I was just having a little fun with you.” He paused and looked at the human for a long moment.

Enoch was stiff as a board.

“You do realize that I AM a Person, don’t you?” the Beloved said. “Every emotion comes from Us. You have the ability to laugh because We laugh.”

A million colors exploded from Enoch’s head and filled the room with little fireballs of light. “Oh!” Enoch smiled. “Well then, good job, Beloved! You should use the door more often.”

The Beloved roared with laughter. He could hear the guffaws coming from the Ancient One’s hall in the Seventh Dimension. “And maybe you should learn to walk through them,” retorted the Beloved.

 “Touché, Beloved,” the Hidden Father said. 

Enoch was puzzled. Then his whole face lit up with excitement. “I can learn to walk through doors?”

“Of course,” the Beloved said, “As you learn how to use the mind of your dimensional body to rearrange particles, it will become as simple as a childling learning to walk.”

“When can I start trying?” Enoch asked.

“Not yet,” the Beloved said. “You are not ready for matter manipulation.”

Enoch’s shoulders slumped.

The Beloved added, “But, I do want to show you something new today. It will help you understand what we touched on during our last session. You are going to see how decisions affect derivatives.”

“Can I finish eating first?” Enoch asked, looking at the delicious meal he had barely touched.

“No. Leave the food and your hunger,” the Beloved said. He placed the palm of his hand on Enoch’s belly. “They will both be waiting for you when you return.”

Enoch straightened up. He suddenly felt completely full and satisfied. He felt no hunger or desire for food whatsoever. “What? How did you do that?” Enoch asked.

“Hunger is a choice. You can allow it or forbid it, at will, with no consequence.” The Beloved smiled. “You will learn that too—but not today. Come. Follow Me,” the Beloved said, as he walked toward the door and then through it.

Enoch followed him and fell backwards with a loud thud as his forehead smacked the thick mahogany panel.  He sat up, looking dazed.

“Use the handle Enoch,” the Beloved said, laughing once again. 

More peals of laughter erupted from the Throne. 

“I think I will join You for this lesson,” the Ancient One said.


Outside Time: Location—The Incubator, Heaven’s Realm, Seventh Dimension

Enoch instantly found himself standing in a room—if you could call it that. The room had what looked like four normal walls with a solid floor underneath—except they were all made of the heavens! Enoch relaxed. Oh, it is like Eye 1704—the panel that allows me to see Adamah. Enoch reached out to touch one of the walls. His hand went right through. Enoch jerked his hand back to himself and gasped. That was no panel. What is this place?

“Welcome Enoch,” the Voice said.

Enoch fell flat on his face.

The Voice was full of lightening, thunder, and wind.

Enoch tried to look up but couldn’t. The Light was too fierce, and the wind too strong. It blew through him, leaving him painfully exposed.

Suddenly—the Light became kind. Like the dawn rising gently to the full light of noon day, this Light did the opposite. It diminished from immeasurable brilliance to something warm and tender you could bask in. 

Out stepped the Beloved.

“My Father has decided to join us today,” He said simply. “Come.” 

At that word, Enoch was on his feet and standing before two Beings of the purest Light.

“This is My Father,” the Beloved said.

Enoch looked toward the One who stood engulfed in a cloud of light. His knees buckled and he collapsed, weeping uncontrollably as fire consumed him.

Then as quickly as it began, it stopped. He felt something like a cool blanket wrap itself around him. The moment he looked up, he was standing again, peering into the light of the Ancient One. Enoch could not see His Face because of the cloud. But at least he felt strong and sure.

“You are wearing My robe,” the Beloved said. “So, you may stand in the presence of the Father, unconsumed.”

Enoch held out his arms and looked down at the pure, white robe covering him. “This is the most beautiful garment I have ever seen! He could not find the words to describe its quality. “I—thank you—” Enoch said, bowing again. 

“Now, is this not superior to Adam’s garment?” the Beloved asked.

“Yes, for truth, it is!” Enoch nodded his head quickly.

“My Father’s desire is that all sons of Adam wear this garment one day,” the Beloved explained.

“And that is why you are before Us today,” a third Voice said, “in The Incubator.”

Enoch spun around. “Who said that?” he asked. He looked behind the Beloved and toward the Hidden Father, searching for the sound. “I have heard that Voice before.”

“Yes, My son,” the Voice answered, “You and I are well acquainted.”

“Enoch,” the One said, “This is My Spirit, whom you call the One Mind.”

“Oh!” Enoch bowed until he was prostrate again.

“Rise, my son,” the One Mind said. “You have done well and followed My Voice all these years. Heeding My Voice is the wisest thing one can do, for it has brought you into Our Presence.”

“Indeed!” Enoch said. His eyes grew round with amazement at the Being approaching him, like fire come to life. Multicolored flames of blue, indigo, violet, emerald, garnet, amber, and red exploded from every pore of His figure.

 Enoch fell backwards. “Indeed!” he said again.

The Beloved caught him before he hit the floor.

“You are surprised at My appearance,” the One Mind said.

“I did not realize that You are a—” Enoch stammered.

“Yes, I AM a Person too,” the Spirit said gently. “It is Our pleasure to welcome you here.”

“Let Us begin,” the Beloved said. With a wave of His hand, all four walls and the floor beneath Him exploded into trillions of pinpricks of light. “You are privileged to behold Our thoughts toward you.”

“They have always been and always will be to give you hope and peace,” the Hidden Father said.

“And a future that is more than you can ask, think or even imagine,” the One Mind added.

“Indeed,” the Beloved said, “For you are wonderfully and fearfully made, unique among creation and crafted in Our Image.”

“Yes,” the Ancient One added, “and in Our likeness.”

“This was the Seed placed in Adam,” the Beloved said, pointing to the pin pricks of light, “when I formed him from the dust of the ground.”

“And breathed into him the breath of life,” The Spirit said.

“And man became a living soul,” the One said in unison. “Male and female created He him, male and female He created them.”

“And We saw that he was very good indeed!” the Hidden Father said.

“Thank You.” The Beloved lowered his head, acknowledging the compliment.

“And he prospered in the Garden in which we placed him,” the One Mind spoke, “growing in light and love as the derivatives multiplied exponentially inside of him, awaiting fullness.”

The Beloved snapped his fingers and a single spark zoomed toward him and stopped. 

“It is Mother Eve!” Enoch exclaimed, looking at an enlarged view of the single point of light.

“Yes,” the One Mind said, “A suitable helpmeet of himself was found for himself.”

“Eve was handpicked and chosen by Us from Adam to bring forth all the derivatives of Adam into the earth realm,” the Ancient One said.

Enoch turned around slowly, trying to examine all the sparks of light in the room. Multitudes of them zoomed before Enoch, enlarging themselves, then receding back into the conglomeration of lights. Person after person appeared before Enoch, each beautiful and unique, until streams of light poured down his face like tears. He was dazed by their beauty and the instant knowing of who each was. Enoch fell to his knees in awe.

“Adam was the son we always wanted and Eve, the daughter we dreamed of,” the One said in unison.

“We enjoyed communion with them in the Garden,” the Beloved said, “sharing all our joy and plans.”

“Until one day, he did not appear—” the Father said.

“The Furious One deceived the woman,” the One Mind added, “and Adam chose to follow her.”

Suddenly, the room went black.

Enoch staggered back and put his hands in front of his face. He was surrounded by the darkness and felt its weight. He stifled a scream. 

“On that day,” the Beloved said quietly, “every derivative of Adam died.”

“But I am here,” Enoch said, his voice quivering with the dark weight of the heavy void. “I am alive.”

“Yes, you are indeed, my son,” the Father said.

“You are here because of the design of the Beloved,” the Spirit said.

“He is Our Word,” the Ancient One explained, “who does not return void, but accomplishes everything We have spoken.”

“When Adam sinned, the fail-check was activated,” the Beloved said.

“What is the fail-check?” Enoch asked.

The Beloved smiled again, “You already know the answer to that question, Enoch.”

Enoch still looked dumbfounded.

“The Word released the reconciliation sequence created before the foundation of the world,” the One Mind said. “You do remember the reconciliation sequence, do you not?”

Enoch was silent, too ashamed he did not know the answer.

The Beloved stepped in front of Enoch and spoke kindly. “Some things are better seen, than said.” He extended both of his hands and spread them in a wide arc. All the zooming pin pricks of light buzzing about the Incubator froze. “Observe.”

Even Enoch froze. His gaze fixated on the myriad of beings before him in wonder. It was as if he could see them all individually at one time. His head tingled with knowing.

“This is where Adam’s potential is housed,” the Beloved said.  

“We keep them safe here until the reconciliation sequence is complete,” the One Mind added.

“They await their arrival into the Grave in perfect peace and oneness with My Father,” the Beloved said, “There they will find the opportunity to fulfill My Father’s thoughts toward them.”

Enoch furrowed his brow. He couldn’t speak. But if he could, he would have asked—the Grave?

“You are wondering why they are going to their Grave in peace?” the Beloved asked.

Enoch nodded.

“Of course,” the One Mind said, “You call the Grave, the womb, at your point in Our Perspective.”

“I have the perfect womb prepared for each of my children,” the Father said. “That womb has the exact combination of the sequence needed to unlock the seed of My thought.”

“It is an honor to birth the thoughts of the Ancient One, is it not?” the One Mind said.

“Indeed.” Enoch stared at the marvel before him.

“Watch.” The Beloved nodded. 

Within an instant, somehow, they were all in Adamah! The Seti of Seth was bustling with activity. He watched a group of Medici go in and out of a woman’s tent. Sebassi assisted them, carrying buckets of steaming water and trays of herbs.

Enoch’s mouth twitched. His eyes grew wide with fright at the sudden change. He still couldn’t move.

“I apologize for your paralysis,” the Beloved said. “I assure you it is temporary. However, the most comfortable way for you to move with Us in this way is for you to be still.”

“I do love watching the little ones come out of the grave,” the One Mind said, hovering over the woman birthing a childling.

The mother sighed and fell back in exhaustion as a sebassi wrapped the crying young one in soft cloth and put her on her mother’s chest.

“Yes, she is a good thought,” the Hidden Father said, smiling with pleasure. “Excellent work My Son! What is she called?”

The Beloved beamed. “She is called Zoe.” 

“What will you call her then?” the Medici gently asked the mother. “She is a beauty.”

The mother cuddled the child close and thought for a moment. She looked at her husband, who hovered over the baby and smiled. “She is called Zoe.”

“A beautiful name, for truth,” her husband said, “for she is life indeed.”

“Now.” The Beloved stretched out his hands once more.

With that word they were either back in the Incubator, or Adamah faded from the Incubator. Enoch could not tell. It seemed as if they hadn’t moved, but rather everything around them came forward or back.

“Now we see Zoe here,” the Beloved continued, “This derivative of My Father can now be tracked on Eye 1704.” The panel just appeared in the room as He spoke. “She has transitioned from the Incubator through the grave and on to Purpose 1208. She is progressing nicely—right on track for maturity in the reconciliation.”

“Purpose 1208!” Enoch said, jumping at the audible sound of his own voice, “That is the light Stream I rode on to get to the Tower of Reckoning when I first arrived in Heaven’s Ream!”

“Yes, Enoch,” the Beloved said. “You remember well. All those destined for Adamah are part of Purpose 1208.”

“But how is that possible? Was I riding on the backs of —people?” Enoch seemed put off.

The One Mind laughed. “No little one. You were riding on the intentions of The Father. However, the intentions of The Father are connected to the decisions of people,” the One Mind said.

“Yes,” the Beloved explained, “When we observe Eye 1704 during your training, you can see all the intentions of My Father for Adamah and the decisions of the people progressing together. They are both contained in Purpose 1208. Although My Father’s purpose is infinite and eternal, derivatives of Our Image can decide whether they want to become Our intention or not—they have free will.”

“So, derivatives in Eye1704 are the people I just saw?” Enoch asked.

“Right,” the Beloved said, “But, derivatives can also be outcomes because people create outcomes.”

“Oh.” Enoch’s face was blank.

The Father chuckled. “He needs another picture.”

“Of course.” The Beloved snapped His fingers. “Look.”

Immediately they were back in Adamah. This time Enoch saw the familiar stone path leading to El Tevah in the Seti of Nod. He saw Tubal-Cain’s brothers Jubal and Jabal speaking with Father Lamech as they walked up the path. 

“He is in quite the mood!” Enoch said, noting Father Lamech’s rage. 

The Beloved snapped his fingers again. Father Lamech’s angry voice spilled into the space.



“This is foolishness!” shouted Lamech, “I will not tolerate more lies from these B’Nai Elohim. They have made promises before—where is the proof?”

“B’Nai Elohim Semjaza sent word for the entire clan to meet at El Tevah,” Jubal said, strumming his stringed instrument. “He said to prepare music worthy of a celebration.”

“Fah!” Father Lamech slammed his rod against the stones as he walked. “We will prepare our weapons and end this betrayal. Jabal, send word to the Elders. I want every son of Cain armed and at the ready.” 

Jabal hesitated but took off in dash when he saw dozens of Semjaza’s officers form a circle around the Gathering Place at El Tevah. In the center of the circle, lay Naamah’s still figure on the stone table. Flowers and offerings of food surrounded her body.

Enoch saw more than flowers and food. Hundreds of fallen ones darted back and forth, snickering over Naamah, and harassing the humans, who were unaware of their presence.

“Would it not help if the people could see them?” Enoch asked. “If they could see the fallen, they would know to fight.”

“Wherever the fallen are present,” the One Mind said, “there are corrupt thoughts and evil imaginations. That is what the offspring of Adam must fight.”

“Well said,” the Beloved agreed, “When a son or daughter of Adam resists these thoughts, the fallen will flee.”

“Look!” Enoch said. He leaned forward and almost fell on his face. The floor of the Incubator (or was it Adamah?) seemed to come toward him. “It is Methuselah and Tiph’arah—they are both wearing the Garments. Why are they carrying Tubal-Cain? Was he attacked again?” Enoch asked.

The One all laughed.

“Well, at least they have help,” Enoch said. Onami and Delmar appeared next to Methuselah and Tiph’arah as they carried Tubal-Cain toward El Tevah. “They will put an end to this.”

The Beloved snapped His fingers. “Listen.”