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Freedom to Fly Through the Windshield
March 27, 2018 Jackson & Joyner
Jackson and Joyner talk #march4ourlives, crazy acronyms and acheiving growth with students in crisis. This episode's schedule is: Social Studies (discussion of March for Our Lives), Acronyms in Education segment, ELA (evidence-based response on how to support specialist teachers in need), and Math (how to approach personalized learning with students with trauma and/or social-emotional needs).
The statements made in this podcast do not represent the views of any organization or individuals with whom we are associated with. For your reference, the disclaimer at the beginning of our podcast reads: Any adult or child we reference will not be referred to by his or her name, and may have some identifying characteristics changed for the sake of anonymity.

Our audio isn't too bad this episode, but we might sound a little like transformers.
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