Stroke Awareness Month
Stroke Awareness Month 33:15 The Fort Collins Senior Center: Ways to Stay Active and Get Involved 29:05 Medical Malpractice 101 28:07 How to Plan Personal Financial Needs from Medical School through Retirement 26:18 Dementia Together Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments for Patients 59:38 LGBTQ+ community substance use disorder & steps you can take as a physician 28:10 Medical Malpractice 101 34:39 Tech Talk- hear about IT services available to YOU 31:10 COMPAC- all that you didn't know, but SHOULD! 19:02 Hypophosphatasia: Your Inside Look, Part Two 12:07 Hypophosphatasia: Your Inside Look, Part One. 15:23 Maternal Fetal Medicine expert addresses COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant women 23:12 Your resource for BIG decisions regarding YOUR practice 34:33 The art of deprescribing 29:53 Spreading their wings 26:47 Bridging the gap of communication- working together for our elderly patients in NoCO 32:53 Carbohydrate restriction- a conversation around a diet that restricts disease! 40:00 Happy National Doctors' Day: A conversation with NCMS Physician of the Year 20:56 The clinic was my sanctuary 27:34 The ROAR 37:17 Portraits that have changed the face of medicine 22:35 Convalescent Plasma: Your Inside Look 39:59 Find, give and offer grace 32:02 A neurologist that takes brain waves to a new level with his writing 21:52