The Whisper Collective Podcast

How to feel good about your writing: In conversation with Prolifiko

March 16, 2023 Narelle Lemon, Inger Mewburn, Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O'Donnell
The Whisper Collective Podcast
How to feel good about your writing: In conversation with Prolifiko
Show Notes

Do you struggle to find time to write? Do you get distracted by important or urgent tasks, feel blocked, or fail to make progress with writing projects? Does writing often feel like a grind?

If so, this interview with Prolifiko's Bec Evans and Chris Smith are the experts you need to hear from! They're in conversation with the Research Whisperers, Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell.

Bec and Chris’ expert-led training and coaching programmes improve writing productivity and publishing performance – vital for impact. In this podcast, they discuss questions around:

  • prioritising your writing and making time for it.
  • setting motivating and achievable writing goals.
  • beating distraction by understanding what stops you writing.
  • improving your productivity and feel positive about your progress.
  • shifting your mindset to keep you going long term.


Prolifiko-related resources and links: 

Ellen J. Langer – Mindfulness (Da Capo Lifelong Books). This Harvard Business Review piece with Langer might interest you. 

Kellogg, R. T. (1994). The psychology of writing. Oxford University Press. This article  about Kellogg's work appeared in The Marginalian: The Psychology of Writing and the Cognitive Science of the Perfect Daily Routine

Jamie Burford’s Research Whisperer post about romancing your writing.  


Prolifiko delivers specialist coaching services for writers, researchers and academics. Founded by writing productivity coaches Bec Evans and Chris Smith who have over 20 years’ experience supporting writers to write. Bec and Chris are also the authors of Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit that Lasts. Published in the UK by Icon, Written is available for pre-order now in Australia and New Zealand.

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