The Whisper Collective Podcast

Rich academic, poor academic? Part one

May 16, 2021 Narelle Lemon, Inger Mewburn, Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O'Donnell
The Whisper Collective Podcast
Rich academic, poor academic? Part one
Show Notes

How to we make a living in a profession that offers so much fragmented and casual work? One way to survive is to think about diversifying with a side hustle!. This podcast episode is a discussion Inger Mewburn and Narelle lemon about their successful side hustles.

It was recorded on Thursday the 26th of November, 2020, the last day of Whisperfest. Whisperfest was a four day, online event featuring lots of people we knew, sharing what they were passionate about with our audience. 

Narelle tells about her one on one coaching and workshop teaching, as well as the line of products that she sells via her website explore and create co

Inger talks about how she supports the expenses of hosting the Thesiswhisperer through affiliate marketing, book sales and workshops.

They both talk about the various expenses involved in running a side hustle and answer audience questions about how to manage time and IP conflicts while holding down a full time academic job.

'Rich academic, poor academic' was a three hour Q&A session - there were two more hours where we interviewed a start up mentor and a successful consultant. This is the first of a series of three podcasts which captures this relevant and interesting conversation.

Services and products mentioned:

Explore and Create Co workshops and coaching
Explore and create co Card decks
Thesiswhisperer books
Thesiswhisperer workshops
Squarespace (webhosting platform)
Stripe (online payment system)
Vellum (for producing lovely print on demand and ebooks)