Pastor With No Answers (and friends) Podcast

202 - Getting Jesus Wrong

October 20, 2019 Joey Svendsen
Pastor With No Answers (and friends) Podcast
202 - Getting Jesus Wrong
Show Notes

A large part of western Christianity has made Jesus a life coach who gives us an agenda to follow, spiritual requirements to check off of our list; and are missing the point. What if the real point was receiving hope and passing that hope along to others? Instead, we are all busy trying harder and either getting full of pride because we’re mastering the ways of Jesus or getting full of despair because a we just can’t measure up. Matt Johnson, author of Getting Jesus Wrong, claims that the death and resurrection of Jesus is the antidote to “doing more” and “trying harder.” He also feels that deconstructing isn’t so simple and typically stems from a privilegedpoint of view.

Getting Jesus Wrong by Matt Johnson available at amazon and wherever else you order books.

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