Pastor With No Answers: The MIXTAPE Era

281 - A Parent's Worst Nightmare

February 14, 2021 Joey Svendsen
Pastor With No Answers: The MIXTAPE Era
281 - A Parent's Worst Nightmare
Show Notes

When Kathy Yokeley’s daughter Natalie was born, the perfect family she’d dreamed of was complete; a loving husband, beautiful little son and daughter, fulfilling church involvement, an enjoyable career, and even a family dog. 

And then thirteen years before the release of this episode (2/15/21), it all came crashing as Kathy’s twelve year-old, Natalie, was diagnosed with inoperable spinal cord cancer.  Nine nightmarish months later (23 days after her 13th birthday), her precious daughter was gone.  

Kathy’s book, “Not My Plans” is not only one mother’s story of loss and pain, but also of ultimate healing when the God she loved and trusted allowed her worst fear to come true. There’s no easy answers to such deep pain, but narratives of God’s infinite faithfulness in times of darkness such as these are all too common for those who lean upon that miraculous faithfulness.

We tribute to you, Natalie, and your ongoing legacy encapsulated in a short, thirteen-year life that has been outlasted by your legacy of courage, love, unwavering faith, and unexpected joy on countless others. Natalie Yokeley will never be forgotten and will have a lasting impact on every reader of “Not My Plans.”  

Here’s to a great future reunion for you, Natalie; with your mother, father (Tom) and Will (brother).  

 In honor of Natalie Yokely and her family.

 Kathy Yokeley: (for book and pictures/tribute) of Natelie. 

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