3 Degrees of Freedom

Ep 27 - Dr. Jeff Anzalone - The Debt Free, Passive Investing Doctor

June 22, 2021 Derek Clifford Season 1 Episode 27
3 Degrees of Freedom
Ep 27 - Dr. Jeff Anzalone - The Debt Free, Passive Investing Doctor
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Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a full-time practicing periodontist in Louisiana, author, and founder of DebtFreeDr.com. As a debt-free doctor, he's keen on helping doctors and other high-income professionals create passive income from real estate so that they can STOP trading their time for money.

To learn more about Dr. Jeff Anzalone and his business, you can go visit his website at debtfreedr.com. You can download his free guide about becoming debt-free at debtfreedr.com/freeguide. For questions or inquiries, send him an email to jeff@debtfreedr.com.

  • What book has had the biggest impact on you and why?
    1 - Bible 
    2 - Rich Dad Poor Dad

  • If people wanted to be JUST like you, what is the first actionable thing they could do to follow in your footsteps? 
    Start reading books. Start educating yourself

  • What small thing do most people not know about you?
    I'm more of an introvert. Be with my family at my home. 

  • How do you like to unwind and restore your own creative juices? 
    I hit the gym.

  • What is your favorite vacation spot as a family or individual?
    Favorite family vacation spot: We love the mountains, Montana, Colorado, Utah anything we can get away from Louisiana's heat and humidity. For my family, a great beach in summer.

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The Beginning
DebtFreeDr.com's vision and going into real estate investing
Advice to become debt free
Conversations with spouse
Pretext before real estate
Setting up a legacy
Advice in starting up passive investing
Toughest moments
Rapid Round!