Land Decolonized Podcast

Austin Bear, Chairman, First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Ep.10

February 10, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 1 Episode 10
Land Decolonized Podcast
Austin Bear, Chairman, First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Ep.10
Show Notes

Special Episode: this week we are launching a new podcast series to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management.  This episode is a special extended interview with former chief of Muskoday First Nation and Resource Centre Chairman Austin Bear.   Richard explores Austin's prairie upbringing and leadership with Muskoday First Nation that saw him lead his community with one of the first-ever land codes to be implemented in Canada.

00:26 Richard Perry introduction
1:43 Austin Bear remarks on the significance of 25th anniversary of the framework agreement.
3:20 Austin shares stories of the early days, starting with the nations that lost their delegated authority under the Indian Act.
5:33 A key turning point: the Liberal Red Book did not recognize the inherent right to land.
7:22 The signing between the original nations and Government of Canada.
7:56 Austin recounts how the Land Code was at first quite controversial due to mistrust of federal and provincial governments.
12:54 Why Muskoday decided to pursue a Land Code in light of Indian Act control and devastating impact of Indian Agents.
14:35 Austin's boyhood memory of his father needing Indian Agent permits before he could sell farm products to support his family. He still has the old tin box his father left him.
17:19 The importance of doing business "at the speed of business."
18:30 Muskoday is approached to host a manufacturing company from Kansas, but Indian Act delays killed it.
21:39 Additions to Reserves process still unwieldy and costing opportunities, including Muskoday First Nation to this day.
22:30 Receiving 'shortfall acres' through Treaty Land Entitlement, but can't get ATR approved!
24:45 On the cusp of having 100th operational FN under Land Code - another milestone.
27:06 The value of a community-driven process as opposed to being directed by Chief and Council.
27:58 A land code will work for a community of any size - whether 50 or 5,000 members. Location can be a factor, but key benefit is taking control over land and resources.
29:54 Early on, he had to debunk myths that the framework agreement would surrender treaties.
32:50 The Indian Act has nothing to do with treaty implementation, but a Land Code will help.
34:20 Austin shares his appreciation for LAB colleagues, FNLMRC staff and many others for making Land Code work, especially for the guidance and prayers of Elders.
36:00 Austin provides the best methods of contacting him for more information.
37:50 Richard closes show promoting Facebook, website and podcast subscription options.
38:18 Episode ends.

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