Land Decolonized Podcast

Phil Goulais, Nipissing First Nation Ep.12

February 24, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 1 Episode 12
Land Decolonized Podcast
Phil Goulais, Nipissing First Nation Ep.12
Show Notes

Richard speaks with long-standing Land Advisory Board member and former Chief of Nipissing First Nation, Phil Goulais. Phil was a part of the creation of the Framework Agreement and championed one of the earliest at Nipissing. Having been involved from the beginning, Phil is confident that the youth will carry on the great work of self-government, and that Framework Agreement communities' tendency to help each other out is one of the greatest strengths of the land code process.

1:03   The meeting in Hull, Quebec that led Nipissing to pursue the framework agreement.
3:10   Important work to acknowledge the inherent right to manage lands and resources. Doing away with 'delegated authority' under federal legislation.
4:42   Biggest issue in the north is the loss of youth. New opportunities from land code help bring them home.
6:35   His experience in a small home compared to the new size of family homes today in residential developments.
7:32   He is encouraged by youth today and their understanding of the value of land code.
10:00   Describes community size and demographics. Senior population is growing and needs more services.
12:15   Employment has skyrocketed since the 1970s. Funding for new social, cultural and educational programs. Nipissing also settled the Boundary Land Claim.
14:25   Phil expresses his pride in resource centre staff, band staff, chiefs and councils for being willing to help at a moment's notice.
15:59   Confident that youth will work hard to eliminate further sections of the Indian Act and move to full self-governance.
17:30   How the band lost 16 business opportunities due to Indian Act delays.
19:10   There is a move afoot to repeal the Land Management Act to remove impediments. "There is enough teeth in the Framework Agreement."
21:43   Describes funding available to communities for each step in the land code process.
23:13   Communities need strong committees for land code management, including managing other laws that are enacted.
24:30   Tribal Council are great at word-of-mouth promotion of benefits/challenges of land code. Lots of money going into the economy, as cited by KPMG study. (see link below)
27:25   Great pride in 25th anniversary...starting with 13 communities in 1996 to almost 100.

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