Distribution on the Cusp of Metamorphosis

Episode 8: 4 Key Success Factors for Human-Robot Collaboration in Your DC/Warehouse

April 06, 2022 Howard Coleman Season 1 Episode 8
Distribution on the Cusp of Metamorphosis
Episode 8: 4 Key Success Factors for Human-Robot Collaboration in Your DC/Warehouse
Show Notes

In this eighth episode, Howard Coleman, Principal of MCA Associates, provides an update to the insights, provided in the Episode 1, which focused on Collaborative Robotics – and re-enforces why now, over a year later, events continue to make it the most significant advance in distribution warehousing.

The ongoing labor shortage has literally hit every industry. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 25 percent of the workforce is age 55 or older. Thousands of workers are retiring every day, some early. Others just moving on to something “better” - somewhere else. Younger workers who themselves are seeking specific workplace values are simply not replacing them quickly enough.

So, you may also want to listen to Episode 7 also, it explains this “Great Resignation” phenomena in more detail - as well as the reasons why.

Going forward, the underlying demographic impacts will not change anytime soon. It will make it even more difficult to have a reliable and trained distribution operations workforce.

So it seems that everyone is hastily looking to bridge this worker shortage. Surely automation will have a key role, and it’s probably by moving people from repetitive tasks that they really don’t want to do - into more needed roles – a reskilling of the workforce – leaving much of the repetitive tasks and traveling to warehouse robotics. 

So I present to you the “4 success factors to human-robot collaboration”.

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