We're Gladiat-HERS!

April 18, 2023 Nancy Fredericks Season 3 Episode 59
We're Gladiat-HERS!
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Every once in a while, my mind goes off on a tangential journey all on its own! That’s the genesis of the podcast. I compare early Roman Gladiators and male business executives to demonstrate the distinction Gladiat-HER executives offer business...and it is potent and profitable!

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to Thrive with Nancy. This podcast is for you, an executive woman who wants more from your career, not through becoming someone else, but by tapping into your natural feminine strengths and you have plenty of them. Let's begin our expedition into acknowledging and celebrating that we're gladiator, as well as let's recognize the culture we work within. Why am I bringing in the term gladiator as a leadership discussion? It has such an in your face, masculine force to it, and that's precisely why this is our podcast topic. Anyone would be hard pressed to argue against business having a ton of energy as a vital element of its leadership equation. In part, that's why we women have sometimes felt like we're working in an alien territory, not a very pleasant feeling at all, is it? Before moving forward, we must swing backward in time to understand the parallel that I intend between the ancient Roman gladiator and business executives. Yes, gladiators we're professionals. As Gladiators won more and more battles, they became highly respected and admired by Roman society. Similar to a business executive in a career. Today, gladiators and business leaders require confident, bold level of skill and training to win and be honored on the battlefield. Their eyes are fixed on winning at all costs. Losing to both the gladiator and the business leader in their mind is not an option. The consequences are way too severe. Another connection is that both face significant risks and challenges. Yes, gladiators faced injury or death, but leaders confront risks associated with job security, compensation, financial stability, and other factors that could negatively impact their prestige and success. Conceivably even heralding the death of a career. Yes, gladiators and business leaders are expected to perform their best under pressure and before an audience gladiators win or lose with spectators viewing them in the coliseum. While business leaders are constantly gaining a thumbs up or thumbs down, which determines their career future from the decision makers in their organization. Of course, gladiators are always men.<laugh>, though perhaps there's an argument for Wonder Woman and her Amazon tribe not put those male authors a luri fantasies out of your mind because they didn't even come close to tapping into the dynamic authentic power of women. Oops. Sorry. I didn't mean to take us off purpose. It's just the way my mind went. The comparison I intend is, so two leaders at the dawn of commerce were all men that prevailing male energy still saturates many of today's businesses, policies, traditions, and expectations. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That's an abundance of embedded manly testosterone ruling the executive suite and a woman's career. With all this existing, are you feeling less secure? Are you wondering if you can achieve your goals in this environment? Now is where it gets juicy as it turns out, gladi eight, hers have potent winning talent essential in today's business. Ready to rest your laurels on your Gladi eight. Her abilities first, gladi eight. Hers. Don't hide their light under a bushel. They're at ease making their accomplishments known to their boss and senior management. How do you do this and remain in integrity with yourself and your hers? It doesn't look like chest beating or bragging. No, it's connecting your achievements gracefully with a greater good of the company or your division or an individual on your team because that's how women role and it's one of the secrets to being a standout. A catalyst survey confirms that one particular skill makes a positive difference in a career. What is it? It's letting your organization hear about your contributions, so don't be shy. Figure out how to let others appreciate your added value. One executive woman, I began coaching after she became dispirited. When not named her boss, a successor exposes the damage I believe a career could sustain if you don't speak up. When I suggested she drive the issue upward, she discovered that her boss never ever let anyone know what a significant role she played in the division's success. That meant no one in the organization knew she had all the skills necessary to be the successor. Instead, they brought someone in from the outside who didn't know the organization at all and wasn't, as it turned out, more skilled. That will never happen to my client again. What about you second? Gladi eight tours win through collaboration, not through defeating others on the battlefield. Collaboration is actively sought after in business today with about 75% of employees rating, teamwork and collaboration as important. Why? Because it fosters an inclusive workplace culture. As employees work together and feel supported, they are more engaged, which has employees contributing at the highest level of their competency. A collaborative work environment leads to improved communication, increased trust, and working from a shared purpose. And research confirms this with companies that promote collaboration and communication at work have been linked to reducing employee turnover rates by 50%. Employees are on average, 17% more satisfied with their job when they collaborate at work. My only caveat about collaboration is that sometimes pulling talent is the best approach and sometimes not ask yourself from the get-go, whether this requires the cost and focus of a group or whether this is a decision you have the positional authority and responsibility to make third gladi eight. Hers proactively recognize their employees needs through empathy, a powerful element of emotional intelligence, and there's no question that women typically have higher natural rates of empathy than male executives. One study indicates empathy remains low in business leaders with only 40% having proficient, empathetic skills. That's unsurprising to me since a high percentage of leaders are male, the good news for the company and everyone is that it's learnable. This skill of empathy is learnable with training. Just remember though, most women already own this skill. Let's drill into why empathy is an essential attitude for leaders. It's without question linked to good leadership. Just listen to some of the evidence in favor of empathy Studies by the management research group found empathy is not only a key to good leadership, but it's one of the strongest predictors of senior executive effectiveness. A study by C C L analysis links empathy to superior performance and another study by D D I analysis uncovered a significant relationship between empathy and leadership performance. No wonder Research by Frank Recruitment Group found that most Fortune 500 companies with female CEOs are typically more profitable than those helmed by male CEOs. Now, are you ready to celebrate your Gladi eight her qualities and own them? Can you see you have all the skills necessary if you wanna play a bigger game in your organization. There is no reason to ever feel less than the best out there. No matter what position you hold. Now is a time to hone your other Gladi eight, her capabilities. And believe me, there's a ton of others that you'll wanna know about. No surprise, you're confused about what next steps are necessary to solidify your future. After all, you're in the middle of the most chaotic, confusing, competitive season ever in business. Check out the free resources at Thrive with Nancy. 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