The iamthepossible Podcast

"How To Be Happy At Work"

April 18, 2023 Treveal C.W. Lynch Season 4 Episode 97
The iamthepossible Podcast
"How To Be Happy At Work"
Show Notes

Are you employed at job you dread going to each day? 

Are you an employer that finds it hard to keep your employees motivated and engaged at work?

Whether you're the employee or the employer, today's episode was created for YOU!

Surveys show that only 40% of workers say they enjoy their jobs!

This means, more than half of the working population are unhappy at work; a place that we (on average) spend 90,000 hours or 1/3 of our lives at.

This is a PROBLEM... thank God, I have a solution! 

Assessments mentioned in this episode!

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