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How to pray and see lasting change in your life! | Powerful Prayer Series P1

January 08, 2024 Treveal C.W. Lynch Season 5 Episode 119
The iamthepossible Podcast
How to pray and see lasting change in your life! | Powerful Prayer Series P1
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Do you pray and feel like nothing changes?

Does it feel like you keep saying the same things and seeing the same things?

Truth is, if you’re being honest, you’re starting to doubt this whole prayer thing - right?

If you're tired of a boring, ineffective prayer life, I want to introduce you to a few things I've learned that have helped me see lasting change.

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In this episode, Treveal C.W. Lynch introduces a new series called 'How to Pray Powerful Prayers.'

He emphasizes that these prayers are not about manipulation or tricks, but about real communication with God that leads to lasting change.

The first chapter explores the problem of praying for change without taking responsibility for creating that change.

The second chapter focuses on the importance of praying for the things that create the desired change.

The third chapter highlights the power of wisdom in bringing about positive change.

The fourth chapter discusses the practice of praying for wisdom.

The fifth chapter provides practical steps for incorporating wisdom in decision-making.

The conclusion reiterates the importance of praying for the things that create change.


  • Pray for the things that create the change you desire.
  • Wisdom is the principal thing and is essential for long-term success.
  • Incorporate wisdom in your decision-making process.
  • Prayer is a powerful tool for creating lasting change in your life.


00:00 Introduction: How to Pray Powerful Prayers
03:50 Chapter 1: The Problem of Praying for Change
08:00 Chapter 2: Praying for the Things that Create Change
10:46 Chapter 3: The Power of Wisdom
19:01 Chapter 4: Praying for Wisdom
22:09 Chapter 5: Practicing Wisdom in Decision-Making
26:36 Conclusion: Pray for the Things that Create Change

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Treveal C.W. Lynch (00:00.842)
Hey, what's going on guys? Travail CW Lynch, Mr. What and I am your self worth specialist. Guys, welcome once again into the I am the possible universe. I love you guys. I'm praying for you guys. I believe in you guys. Listen, I want to, uh, right off the bat, let you guys know what we are going to be focusing in on in this episode. I'm starting a new series called how to pray powerful prayers.

how to pray powerful prayers, prayers that actually get results long term, okay? Prayers that actually get results long term, the kind of results that you want, the kind of outcomes that you desire most long term, okay? So this is not about, you know, some tricks and some.

spooky, magical, mystical, spiritual, you know, routine, where we're trying to get God to do something or we're trying to manipulate something spiritually. But this is just some true down to earth, real deal, real talk. This is how we pray. This is how, you know, we actually see real lasting change in our lives.

in and through this thing called prayer. Now, just as a foundation, okay? Prayer, and we're just keeping it real basic. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer can involve words, and prayer doesn't need words. Prayer, when you really, really boil it down, right, to its core, prayer is communication.

with God, but for this series, we're going to be utilizing our words and we're gonna be utilizing very specific words. And so I wanna share with you in each of these episodes, okay, and I'm gonna go as long as the Lord would have me to go and share as many of these powerful points as he inspires me with and inspires me to share. So I don't know how many I'm gonna share, but I'm just gonna go as long as the Lord continues to.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (02:26.346)
lead me in this direction to help people and to assist people in really seeing results when it comes to prayer. That prayer wouldn't just be some ritual or some to-do list item or just something that we do because we're Christians and we just want to get it off our to-do list. And it's also for those of us who are struggling. Like it's not a to-do list item. Like we desperately desire to

draw closer to God and to see results in and through our prayers. Okay, but at the end of the day, this is really, really targeting those of us who pray for the short term and in the short term, but we're not seeing lasting sustainable change in our lives and we're not seeing our lives moving consistently in the direction that we want our lives to move in. Okay, so if that's you,

then listen, lean in, break out your pen, break out your pad, and I'm gonna hook you up, I'm gonna equip you and empower you with some tools, man, that I believe are gonna really help you to move forward in this new year, specifically in this area of prayer. All right, so I've got my notes and I'm ready, all right? So let's dive into this. Prayers that produce positive change long-term. So number one, again, the problem.

People are praying for change, but in doing so, they're giving up the power to experience the change. And I'm just reading from my own personal notes, okay? I'm just like a teacher in a classroom. I'm just reading from my notes. I just wanna share some things. The problem that we're dealing with is people are praying for change, but in doing so, giving up the power to actually see or to experience the change that they're praying for. Now,

Before I jump into the hows and all of these different things, let's look at this word power. The word power by definition means the ability or the capacity or the capability. In other words, you're able to simply move something. Now if you have like a nine to five, maybe you go to your manager or your supervisor or to your boss as some may call them. And you may want something changed within your department.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (04:47.862)
Why do you go to the boss? Why do you go to the supervisor? Well, because they have the power to affect change. If they hear you out and they agree and they want that change to take place, they have the authority or the power, the capacity due to their position to cause change in your department. I just wanted to give you that example to just make it make sense. Power in any given situation.

Physical power, I can move this hundred pound weight from this place to this place. Power in the corporate structure. I have the ability to make decisions that move entire departments in a different direction. Spiritual power, I have the ability to move things spiritually from one place to another, wherever you find it, at the very basic baseline fundamentals, okay?

Power is the ability to move things. And what I've learned and what I've observed is that I see many people praying, but they are void, they lack power, because they're praying from a position that does not contain the capacity. They're in a sense praying away their own power.

So when you pray for, and maybe you've heard yourself say this, and I'm certainly guilty of it, and I'm not here to judge or point fingers, I'm just here to make some observations and to bring you into an awareness that I've been brought into. So sometimes we'll say, hey, let's say for example, I don't know, your car breaks down because you, let's say, it has some issues with the oil.

Okay, I'm just coming off the cuff. You got a car, it breaks down because it had a issue with the oil. Maybe it, let's say it ran out of oil, okay? Ran out of oil and it caused the engine, let's say, to like lock up or something like that, right? I don't know much about cars, but I'm just kind of throwing something out there, right? So ran out of oil, engine locks up, now you got a problem. If you ever prayed the prayer,

Treveal C.W. Lynch (07:14.022)
Lord bless me with a new car or Lord bless me to get this fixed or Lord bless this car to run again. However you name it and frame it, you're basically saying Lord change the situation, change the circumstance, change the item. You're praying for a change concerning the thing, the physical tangible thing or situation or circumstance.

That's an okay prayer to pray, right? Sometimes the situation calls for us to, hey, Lord, get me out of this. Fix this, help me, assist me. But here's where I'm coming from, okay? And this is the point that I wanna make.

The most powerful prayer you can pray is to, and I'm just gonna read off my notes, pray for the things that create the things you want to change. I'm gonna say that one more time. Pray for the things that create the things that you want to change. In other words, something led to that car not running. Something led to

the oil running out. Now yes, you may say, Lord, I need a miracle. I need your assistance to help me get past this hurdle. But I find that usually that's where we stop. Just get me past this hurdle. But remember, a powerful prayer is one that's going to create change, positive change, long-term. In other words, you're gonna pray in a way that you don't find yourself back in that situation.

You're gonna pray in a way that's gonna solve it now and in the future. You're going to prevent the problem more times than not when you learn how to pray a powerful prayer. See, the thing is, is that we've been created to create.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (09:17.782)
we've been created by a creator to be creators. Right? Remember Genesis? Let us create man in our likeness and in our image. God's a creator. We were created in the image of a creator to create things. He says, let them multiply. Let them cultivate. Let them, let them, let them rule, dominion, power, authority. Let them, let them, let them create like we create.

So we were created in the image of a creator to create. Here's the problem. We are creating and we are very creative, but in many cases, we're creating in a way that doesn't align with the life that we desire to create, you see. We want certain results, outcomes, circumstances, and we are creating a life, but we're just not creating the one that we actually want to live. And so the tools that I'm about to give you

They're gonna help you to begin to create a life that aligns with the life that you want to create And how do you do that? Well, you pray you pray for the things that create the things that you want to change So what are we talking about today? Here it is today's topic Wisdom. Oh, yes. The Bible says wisdom is the principal thing

So going back to the car before I even give you the passage, before I even give you the how-tos, let's go back to our car example. The car ran out of oil, so the engine locked up, so the car stopped. So now you have a problem. If all you pray is, Lord, get me out of this, and let's say he does, he gets you out of it. If he gets you out of it and that's where it stops, you haven't changed. See, real...

Lasting change will always start with you. Why? Because if you really want to change anything long-term, you have to change in terms of who you are being, mentally, spiritually, intellectually, internally. And so if you say, Lord, get me out of this, and he gets you out of this, but you haven't learned anything, what's gonna happen? You're gonna get yourself back into the same situation. More times than not.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (11:42.762)
And then you're gonna find yourself back on your knees, praying similar prayers or the exact same prayer, and the cycle continues. Lord, why do I keep finding myself in this place? Why does this keep happening to me? Why is my life so crappy? Why do I always feel like this? Lord, when you gonna show up and show out in my life? When you gonna come through for me in a miraculous way? Because what we're in the back of our minds, thinking and really desiring,

is change that is sustainable, change that just stays, stickable change, right? But what happens is we get these temporary band-aids, quick fixes, but we on the inside, we haven't changed. And so I wanna start off with wisdom because wisdom is so amazing, man, because wisdom sets you up for long-term success. So every time I do one of these powerful prayer series or one of these powerful prayer episodes within this series, I'm gonna focus on just one.

powerful prayer. One topic and today's topic is wisdom. It's the principal thing. The Bible says in all of our getting, get understanding, right? So let me read for you what the Proverbs, right? The book of wisdom, right? King Solomon was known for his wisdom and his wise counsel and discernment. So where better to look within the Scriptures than the one who was considered the wisest of all? And let's look at what the Proverbs are meant to do.

I did a 31 day challenge on Facebook and YouTube and whatnot. 31 days of reading the Proverbs, right? We read a Proverbs every single day and we just look to live that Proverb, to put that Proverb to action. So if you missed that challenge, I may do another one in this upcoming year, but if you missed that challenge, go back. It's on YouTube. Go back. Another reason for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, right? Let me go ahead and plug that. If you're listening audio, if you're listening to the audio version.

on my podcast platform and you've not subscribed on YouTube, please do so. Please hook a brother up. Please support a brother. Go over to YouTube. I am the possible. Or you can just type in Travail CW Lynch and you can find me on YouTube. Please subscribe and just, you know, I'm looking to grow my channel and to grow my influence and to grow my reach, right? With these, with these tools.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (14:09.218)
with this information so that'd be a big blessing to me in this new year. So alright, let's get back to the program. So let's read this. This is reading from Proverbs 1 through 4, okay, and then I'm going to give you the CTA, the call to action, some practical steps that you can take to begin to live out this powerful prayer. Alright, so number one, these are the Proverbs of Solomon, David's son, king of Israel.

Their purpose, the purpose of the Proverbs, their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline, to help them understand the insights of the wise. Their purpose is to teach people to live, get this, disciplined and successful lives, to help them do what is right, just and fair. These Proverbs will give insight to the simple, knowledge and discernment to the young.

Wisdom is the principal thing. Wisdom, knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it. See, wisdom, last time I checked, the Bible says if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who will give without finding judgment or fault, and he'll pour it out abundantly. Wisdom is a prayer away. Wisdom is a practice away. And I'm gonna give you both, the prayer and the practice of receiving

walking in and living wisdom a wise life Why because the wise life leads us to what I talked about prayers that produce positive change long term if you want long term positive change in your life become a wise person become a person Going back to the scripture. I'm just reading the scriptures going back and becoming a person

through learning wisdom and discipline, you're gonna become a person of insight, a person of understanding. You're gonna live a successful life. Don't you want some success in your life, right? You're gonna know what is right and just and fair. It's gonna improve your relationships with other people. You're gonna learn how to do things as it concerns others the right way and for the right reasons. Your whole life is going to improve as you become a wiser.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (16:36.526)
Person and so again going back to our car example, and I just want to put this in context Kind of bring it all the way home for us Now the car breaks down because the engine locked up because it ran out of oil. Well Why did it run out of oil? Because you let it run out of oil. You stop putting oil in it. It was not wise to not put oil in your car that was

I'm not trying to offend nobody, but if you own a car and you don't put oil in it, and you don't get your oil changed every two, 3,000 miles, whatever they say, it's pretty foolish. It's pretty foolish. And even in the Proverbs, I didn't read it, but around verse, I think it's verse six of Proverbs one, it talks about those who don't like wisdom, who don't like knowledge, you're pretty foolish. It's a foolish thing.

to not want wisdom. It's a foolish thing to not put oil in your car, right? It just makes sense. Get oil, put it in the car, get the oil change regularly, maintain, sustain your vehicle. You've been made responsible for the vehicle that you own. And in the same way, we've been made responsible for the life that God has given us. And if we are not seeking wisdom,

in life just like we're not seeking oil for the car, our life is going to break down. And for some of us, it's been breaking down and we keep asking for a quick fix. But now it's time for you to learn how to have long-term sustainable success and change in your life. So how do we do this? Here it is. You're going to pray for wisdom, however you pray. I'm not going to tell you how to pray. Just however you pray.

Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father God, I need wisdom. I need wisdom, man. I need wisdom every day of my life. I need wisdom on how to proceed in my life. And then you can get specific. You got a big decision coming up. Lord, I need wisdom for this decision. Lord, I need wisdom about making this choice. Lord, give me wisdom because according to your word, you said if any man lacks wisdom, I can ask of you.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (19:01.006)
Promised that you wouldn't find any fault with me. You wouldn't you wouldn't find anything wrong with me and you would give it to me That's what you promised now Lord. I'm asking for that wisdom in the name of Jesus. I pray amen That's it That's it. Ask for it Asking we shall receive Right. Yeah have not why cuz you ask not so ask for wisdom now once you've asked for wisdom That's the prayer

I told you I was going to give you the practice as well. Here it is. Once you've prayed, here's the practice. When the next decision comes up, whether it's a particular

Decision or just the natural flow of your life. You can do this every time it's time to make a decision Why let me give this quick breakdown? I'm gonna actually break this down further in a different video in a different master class. It's about decision making okay three steps to destination your decisions your directions destination Your destination is the result of the direction that you took and the direction that you took is the result of the decision

that you made and the decision that you made is determined by the discipline or the lack thereof of your discipline as it concerns wisdom. That's right. You are where you decided to be. For the most part, with all due respect, some of us are in some hard situations and

There's multiple people that played a role in getting you where you are. Please don't be offended by what I'm saying. I get it, I get it, I've been there. What I'm saying is for the most part, for the most part, if we really owned our life and we were really adult about it, and we took a step back, and we just said in all honesty, where I am, where my life is, my situation, my circumstances, I got myself in this place.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (21:12.598)
Here's the good news. If you can get yourself in that place, you can get yourself into any other place that you desire. Because all you gotta do is use the same decision-making power to choose a different direction, which will lead you to a different destination. Same power, you're just using it differently. And now you're going to be wise in your decision-making. I hope and pray that makes sense.

So here it is, you've asked for the wisdom, believe by faith that God gave it to you. This is not spooky and there's no feeling that comes all over your body. No, you asked for it, it's yours. You have it at the point of prayer. Now you exercise it by doing things that in a sense summon the wisdom. And I wanna give you five quick points. Number one, with each decision,

Practice pausing and asking these questions. Number one, you got a situation, time to make a decision? Ask yourself this question. What is the wisest choice or option in this matter? Give it time. Allow the Spirit of God to reveal that to you and then you do it. It's the power of the pause.

You just give yourself space and time to receive a download, to receive the information, the counsel of the Spirit of God that lives within you. Give yourself time to receive it and then do it. Number two, which option aligns most with the life I desire to experience? Ask yourself that question. You about to make a big money decision and you right now, you caught up in your current day emotions. Ooh, I wanna do this. I wanna...

I wanna, man, you know, and it's most of the times we just go with that initial emotion, that initial feel good emotion, not counting the cost for how that's gonna impact us longterm, but if you practice the power of the pause, you give yourself some space and some time to make a wise decision. So which of these options align most with the life that I desire to experience? Number three, you're asking yourself this.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (23:37.994)
Which decision will pay off most in the long term? When's the last time you asked yourself that? You got a decision that's before you, what option is gonna pay off for me in the long term? Not the quick, not the hearing now, but I'm thinking about three years, five years, 10 years from now, when all the high emotion has waned and all of the rah and all of that's gone, right? You know how they say, keep that same energy, right?

What's gonna help me to keep this same energy five years from now, 10 years from now? Just asking, asking yourself those questions. And then lastly, which has the least probability of regret? That's a big one. Let that one sit on you and soak on that one. Which option has the least probability for regret? Because many times we will regret our decisions. But if you practice the power of the pause,

and you allow wisdom to guide and lead your decision, you're now going to take a direction and end up in a destination that you probably won't regret. This is a practice. So you do it until you get good at it, and then you do it until you get great at it, and then you do it until you get phenomenal at it, and then you do it until Jesus comes back. In other words, you never stop doing it. Just...

Make it a lifestyle. This is wisdom. It's wise to incorporate wisdom in your life. Does that make sense? It's wise to incorporate wisdom in your life. And so just listen, man, this is what it's all about right here, man. These are powerful prayers. These are the kinds of prayers that are going to have and give you a position, a capacity.

to move your life in the way you want it to go. Positive change, long term. All right? This is number one. Again, as the Lord gives them to me, I will release them on my podcast platforms, on YouTube, and wherever else I can push this content out, I will just get it out there to the world. But this is, and here, let me look at my notes again so I don't get it wrong.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (26:03.726)
how to pray powerful prayers or the powerful prayers series. And this is episode number one. And the topic is wisdom. Pray for wisdom practice living according to wisdom. All right. Remember, let me leave you with this. Cause this is super, super important. Pray for the things that create the things

that you want to change.

wisdom changes things. Pray for wisdom. Now you're back in the power seat. Now you're back where you belong, where God wants you. The position that God created for you to have. All right? Guys, until next time, I love you guys. I'm praying for you guys. I believe in you guys. Let's continue to unlearn our limits. Let's continue to be what.

is possible. Love.