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How To Conquer A Poor Self Concept

February 01, 2024 Treveal C.W. Lynch Season 5 Episode 121
The iamthepossible Podcast
How To Conquer A Poor Self Concept
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Your life depends on your self concept!

If you have a poor quality of life, it's likely you have a poor self concept!

Do you really want a better life? If so, it starts with your self concept?

Not many people understand how much their self-concept (the image we have of ourselves which is mainly influenced by the external information we allow ourselves to be exposed to over and over) influences their ability to create a better life for themselves. 

In this video I break it all down for you in a way that's easy to understand with steps that are easy to follow and apply in your life right away!

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In this conversation, Treveal C.W. Lynch discusses the importance of self-concept and how it impacts our lives. He emphasizes the need to guard our minds and thoughts, as they shape our feelings, actions, and results. 

Treveal also explores the connection between psychology and theology, highlighting the influence of our beliefs and perceptions on our relationship with God. 

He encourages listeners to meditate on Romans 5:8, which reminds us of God's unconditional love for us. 

The conversation concludes with a call to action, urging individuals to reflect on how they currently feel about themselves and how they want to feel, and to prioritize their own well-being.


Our self-concept and how we feel about ourselves have a profound impact on the quality of life we experience.

Guarding our minds and thoughts is crucial for shaping positive self-perception and achieving desired outcomes.

The connection between psychology and theology influences our beliefs, perceptions, and relationship with God.

Meditation on Romans 5:8 can help individuals recognize and embrace God's unconditional love for them.

Taking action to improve self-perception and prioritize personal well-being is essential for personal growth and fulfillment.


00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:59 The Importance of Self-Concept
04:20 The Life Progression: Thinking, Feeling, Actions, Results
07:19 Guarding Your Mind and Thoughts
13:35 The Connection Between Psychology and Theology
16:23 Meditation and Reflection on Romans 5:8
21:33 Taking Action: How You Feel About Yourself Today vs. How You Want to Feel
25:04 Conclusion and Call to Action

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Treveal C.W. Lynch (00:01.846)
Hey, what's good, my good people? It is I, yes, once again, Travell C.W. Lynch, Mr. What What, and welcome once again into the I Am The Possible universe, the place where possibilities become perspective. Thank you so much for rocking with me once again in the place to be because there is so many wonderful things for you and I.

to see. Yes, I know that rhymes, right? You know, back in my day, right, I used to cut it up a little bit. But we put that away. We retired that. So I now do this. Okay. But anyway, man, listen, love you guys, praying for you guys believing in you guys. Thank you so much for rocking with me once again. Let's jump right into it, guys. Today, I believe that I'm streaming live on LinkedIn and on YouTube. And I set everything up.

to accomplish that, but if not, then you're catching the replay, you're catching the recording, either way, I hope and pray that I will say something that makes your way go a little better. All right, let's jump into this, guys. Today I wanna talk about a topic that is so near and dear to my heart, and it is the way that we think about ourselves, the way that we feel about ourselves. And what I've discovered is that this topic is not the...

sexiest topic in the world. It's foundational. It is the foundation in which we build a successful life, a meaningful life, a fulfilling life, but it's not talked about nearly as much. And today I just wanna add a little flavor to it. I wanna add my own spin and my own perspective on it because ultimately the way that we think about ourselves and the way that we feel about ourselves, it...

is already having and it will continue to have a profound impact on the overall quality of life that we create, that we experience, and that we enjoy. That's fact. Everything is rooted in our self-concept, how we see ourselves, how we think about ourselves, how we speak to ourselves.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (02:26.07)
all that intrapersonal communication, right? And so today I wanna offer you a couple of things, especially to my Christian audience. I am a man of God, I am an ordained pastor, if this is your first time watching me. I'm not always coming from a biblical perspective, I'm not always, you know, sharing scriptures, a lot of my content, I don't do that. But it's not a...

a deal breaker for me. It's not either or, it's as I'm led for that given moment and for that given day. So today, I'm going to share some scriptures. And so this may be tailored more, right, to those who are men and women of God, but I truly believe that this is a universal message and one that can be appreciated by any and by all who struggle with perfectionism.

who struggle with never feeling like you're enough, who struggle with never feeling like your efforts are enough, who never feel like you can add up to enough, like you can do enough, be enough, have enough. It's like enough is always, you know, somewhere off in the distant future, right? But you never capture enough of things, and most importantly, which is what I wanna talk about, enough of yourself.

Okay, so let me lay the foundation and then I'll jump right into this. I won't take up very much time today. Looking to be about 10 minutes or 15 minutes here with this live. So the first thing that I wanna lay as a foundation is a, I have to come up with a name for it because I haven't come up with a name for it, but it's like a life progression. It's like a blueprint for just success or life in general. And here's how it goes. Thinking.

feeling Actions results Thinking feeling actions results There are no absolutes. There is no perfect plan. There is no perfect strategy, but I can tell you that little progression that I just outlined That nails it like 99.9 percent of the time

Treveal C.W. Lynch (04:50.61)
of just how life is created, of just how life goes, of just how we do life and how we go about life. That's just pretty much how it works. We're going to have a thought. That thought is going to lead to a feeling. That feeling is going to lead to an action or a decision. And that decision is going to lead to an outcome, a result. And so the way I like to really teach people and really work with people is mastering the mind, mastering our thought life.

Mastering that intra-personal communication, mastering the self-talk, mastering what we see in ourselves and what we say to ourselves. That should be points of mastery. It's my personal soapbox that I believe that it should be a part of our educational system. Things like emotional intelligence, the self-concept, self-communication, these should be things that we are educating our next generation of leaders in.

And it's for me, it's a huge part of my mission and a huge part of the work that I do. So that's really where my heart is, okay? Empowering and really equipping, right? Individuals, man, to really take back ownership and to really take back the dominion and the power and the authority that God's given us over the mind.

As a man thinks, so is he. Not as a man desires or wishes and hopes. You are as you think you are. Okay? So that's the first progression. So when we talk about, I don't feel good about myself. I don't think that I'm enough. I don't think that I'll ever do enough, have enough, be enough. Whenever you're in that rut of the way you feel, you're in some negative emotional state.

It's always rooted in a thought process, a thinking. You're thinking something, you're picturing something, you're imagining something. There's a thought, an idea, an imagination that you're wrestling with and struggling with. And it doesn't align with the kind of life that you want to experience. So it all comes down to the thinking as a man or woman.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (07:19.634)
thinks so the first scripture that I want to give you guys as a foundational scripture Proverbs 4 23 if you want to feel better about yourself if you want to begin to believe in yourself Feel that you can have that better life feel that you can go after those hopes and those dreams if you want to feel better About who you are and how you are if you want to feel good about the person that you are You're gonna have to start to think better

You're going to have to improve the way you think as it concerns you. Your thoughts, your ideas, your imaginations concerning you must be elevated. They must improve and they must be aligned with the kind of outcome that you desire to create in your life. Again, thoughts, feelings, actions, outcomes. Okay? Number one.

Proverbs 4, 23. It says, guard your heart, which is actually translated in the original Hebrew language as mind. So in other words, guard your mind above all else, for it determines the course of your life. It says, guard it. Whenever I hear the word guard, sounds pretty serious to me. Like literally put your guards up, right? I've never been to England, but I...

would watch movies where those guys would be standing at the gate, right? That guard that you can't make laugh, right? That just looks like a statue. It's like, yeah, man, stand like that at the gates of your heart. Guard your heart, which is your mind. So in other words, guard your thoughts. Guard your thought life and your thought processes. Guard them. Be strategic about them.

Be careful, concern yourself, a healthy concern. Concern yourself with your thought life and protect it. Don't let anything come in, okay? So the first thing that I want you to consider is, are you guarding what you're letting in? Are you guarding, excuse me, are you guarding the gates of your heart? Are you consciously?

Treveal C.W. Lynch (09:44.534)
strategically, intentionally, putting a filter on the kinds of inputs that you experience. The people that you're around, the things that you watch, the things that you listen to, the environments in which you find yourself most often. Those are like the four major entry points, right? What am I saying to myself?

What am I thinking about myself? Those are all influenced by the people you're around, the environments that you're in, the things that you watch the most, and the things that you listen to the most. So you, this scripture is calling you and I to become guards of our minds, guardians, right? Not of the galaxy or the universe, right? But guardians of our own minds, right? So become a guard over your mind. Now there's a...

Another translation which I love it says guard your heart or guard your mind above all else for life itself flows From it and there's another translation that says guard your heart above all else Um guard your heart with all diligence. Why because life starts there I love those translations man because it puts so much emphasis on this concept of again that life progress

or life progression, thought, feeling, action, results. Starts with the thinking. So guard it because your life literally starts there. And the way you feel about yourself starts there because your feeling is a result of your thinking. So if you can upgrade your thinking, then you can upgrade your feeling. If you can transform your thoughts, then you can transform your feelings and your emotions.

as it concerns you. And that's good news. That's good news. If you're thinking negatively, here's the good news. You can start to think positively. All right? A few more things that I wanna drop on you. I was gonna go a little bit into kind of where I am right now, just to share it. And I won't go down that rabbit hole, but I'll just put it out there. I am really fascinated with the connection and the interaction of psychology.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (12:10.13)
and theology. I really, really have a heart for that. And that's going to be brought up more so in some of my content that's really focused on the Christian community and those who are struggling with their identity in Christ, feeling like they can live up to God's standards, which really aren't there. They're just an illusion. But again, I'll save that for that video. But there's a lot of Christians out there that feel like...

I can't live up to God's standards. I can't please God. I can't make God happy, blah, blah. And they're under all of this pressure and they're feeling all of this burden. Really a lot of it is self-imposed or things that they've learned from other people. Not much of it, if any of it, is actually coming from God. But I'm really understanding that because I am a whole person and you are a whole person, you can get saved all you want.

You can become a Christian all you want. But when you did that, your spirit was transformed, but your mind, even as the word of God says, it still needs to be renewed. And so the psychology still influences the thought processes, the beliefs, the worldviews, the perceptions, the perspectives of a man or a woman. They still greatly influence our theology. Our psychology influences our theology and vice versa.

But what's not talked about enough, at least not from what I can see, is you and I on a regular basis unpacking this for ourselves, having that inner dialogue with a consciousness, with an awareness to actually say, yo, the way I think, my beliefs, right, my emotional states, this plays a part.

in my theology and how I relate to God. And maybe God does love me unconditionally. Maybe God does accept me. Maybe I am saved and full of the Holy Ghost and all that good stuff. But maybe I think poorly about myself, not because God doesn't love me and accept me, not because I'm not saved, not because I'm not good enough, but because I think I'm not good enough. And that has to do with...

Treveal C.W. Lynch (14:31.97)
That has to do with our psychology, right? So I'm really fascinated and I really wanna just continue to press on this and as I learn and as I grow and as I develop and the freer I become, the more I wanna see that manifest in your life, the more I wanna see you experience that because I've come a long, long way. I come from a perfectionist, down hard on myself, over critical, overthinking, procrastinating.

rigid, rugged, religious, thumb pressed down hard on myself. That's my background because I was afraid of judgment. I was afraid of coming up short. I was afraid of not pleasing people. I mean, there's a whole lot to that, right? So that's just a preview of some of the content that I wanna continue to put out there in the future to really help people to get free and just really.

connect the dots, right, between our, again, our psychology and our theology, okay? But back to today's program. So again, today we're dealing with folks that just don't feel good about themselves and we're breaking the fact, or we're breaking it down that the fact of the matter is your feelings have a source and that source is your thinking and your thinking has a source that's called the exposure or that which you are allowing yourself to be exposed to, the information, the inputs.

And the word of God here is telling us in Proverbs 4, right? Proverbs, the book of wisdom, it is wise for you and I to guard the entry points of our minds so that we can guard our thinking, so that we can guard our feelings, so that we can guard our actions, so that we can guard our results. It's pretty cool, man. It's pretty cool when you think about it. Hope you guys are getting something from this today. All right, so I wanna give you guys something.

All right, I'm gonna give you two things and then I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up. I'm gonna just set about my time. Got about four minutes left here. So Romans 5, 8, I'm gonna give you something to chew on. Okay, I'm gonna give you something to meditate on. Today's meditation, this week's meditation. All right, again, meditation's not spooky, it's not weird, it's not scary. Here's meditation in a nutshell. Meditation is pondering on an idea and then pondering some more and then pondering some more.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (16:52.802)
The way I love to describe it is, and if you're eating breakfast right now, maybe cut me off, come back later, or maybe slide your plate to the side, okay? Right? Warning, warning, okay? When a cow chews its grass or food, it chews it up and then it swallows it. And they say that cows have multiple bellies. So it swallows the food and then it waits a little while.

and then it regurgitates, it brings the food back up from the belly into its mouth and it chews on it some more. What it's doing is it's pulling, it's extracting all of the nutrients, all of the juice, all of the goodness, all of that nutrition. It's drawing out and pulling out from what it's chewing on and making sure that it gets all of its enzymes and proteins and minerals and vitamins, right? It's making sure that it squeezes out all that it possibly can.

Meditation is nothing different. Meditation is taking an idea and chewing on it for a little while, and then chewing on it some more, then chewing on it some more, right? Because you wanna pull from whatever idea.

that you're thinking about and that you're pondering on so that you can get revelations, you can get a deeper understanding, right? The word of God says in all of your getting, get understanding. So you're getting better understanding, you're getting better knowledge, right? You're extracting the wisdom and then you can use that information to form new thoughts that are going to form new feelings, that are going to form new actions, that are going to form new results and outcomes, okay?

It's always about that progression, all right? So Romans 5, 8, check it out. It says, but God demonstrated his own love for us. In this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Oh my God, if I had a, I ain't gonna drop this mic, but let's just pretend this my mic. Let's just pretend. Mic dropped, you feel me? Mic is dropped. If you don't feel good about yourself.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (19:02.59)
And you are a believer, you are a Christian. I am here to tell you something. And even if you ain't, and you just looking for something to pull on, there is this God that loves you so much, that says you are so precious, so important, so valuable, that I'm gonna send my only son, that while you are in a state of sinner or sinning, which is nothing more than missing the mark, it's taken from the world of archery.

Right? You're looking for that bullseye and you keep hitting everything else around it. You don't hit that bullseye. You missed the mark. That's what sinning is. So back when you was missing the mark, wasn't showing God no love. When you was like that, when you was like hostile towards God, rejecting God, he sent his son. That alone, if you just meditate on that alone, you got to ask yourself, what is that telling me?

What is that saying to me, right?

Treveal C.W. Lynch (20:07.322)
I know what it's saying to me. It's saying that he sees something in me that I don't even see in myself. It's saying that he sees something in me before I got my stuff together, before I started acting right, before I started doing the button ups and acting proper and all of that. Nah, nah, he ain't wait for none of that. He didn't wait for us to get right no how, no way. He says, man, why you still screwing up? Why you still messing up? Why you still looking crazy?

send my son for you so that you and I can reconnect, so that you and I can reconcile, so that I can have your back in my life and I can continue to work with you and love on you and bless you and so that you can know my love, so that you can know my appreciation of you. When the world ain't appreciating you, when the world ain't loving you, this is God saying I want you to know how much I love you. So if nothing more.

If you meditate on Romans 5, 8, what does that say to you personally? I want you to write that down. What does this say to me personally? Here's my CTA as I close and I ain't got my pen no more. Okay, but here's my call to action. Pad and pen, my famous pad and pen. I write down everything, all right? Hand, mind, connection. I want you to get out a pen and pad. You can do it right now or you can do it later. And I want you to write down two things at the top of the paper. I want you to write down.

how I feel about myself today. Number two, how I want to feel about myself.

Yep, write it down. Be real with yourself, how I feel about myself today. And then underneath that, write the answer, be real. It's only you. And then underneath that, you're gonna write down how I want to feel about myself and then write that down. That's just step number one. And then I want you to meditate. I want you to meditate on Romans 5, 8, and I want you to let that thing speak to you. And of course, you grown.

Treveal C.W. Lynch (22:11.758)
I ain't here to, you know, I ain't your daddy, I ain't your master, nothing like that. You do what you wanna do, but you can carry it further. However you wanna carry it further. But the idea is, is that you are setting an intention to continue to be aware of the value that is associated with the self-concept. You've now been exposed to how it influences and impacts the rest of your life, right?

And so now with that awareness and with that consciousness, you are now writing down, this is where I am and this is where I want to be. And then you can take the first step. I can only provide you so much in like 20 something minutes. I already went over my time. So you can take that first step, Romans 5, 8, meditate on this thing, carve out five minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the morning, get up five minutes earlier, 10 minutes earlier, make it a priority, make you a priority.

You're making everything else a priority. It's time to make you a priority. Become a priority in your life. And get up early and do this so that you can start thinking better about you, feeling better about you, acting better, right? Concerning you and then seeing greater results in your life. I hope and pray that this has made sense. I know there's some things that I left out, but that's the beauty of being a communicator. I get to do this again. That's the beauty of

this internet stuff, I get to do it again. So I hope and pray that today I've shared enough value with you, that it has been a blessing to you, that it has informed some, inspired others. And yeah, man, as always, if you are on LinkedIn, if you are on YouTube, if you're listening via my podcast platform, all of these places have spaces for comments.

Questions feedback. I would love to hear from you the good the bad and the ugly doesn't matter doesn't matter You're not gonna offend me. I Simply want to engage. I simply want to hear your heart. I simply want to hear your opinion I simply want to hear your voice your voice has value and it has value with me. So leave a comment You know drop a question if you have one right

Treveal C.W. Lynch (24:36.106)
And if you wanna get more connected with me, you can find me at, I've got some good stuff over there, free masterclass. You can find out more about me, you can connect with me. If you're looking for a speaker, keynote, whatnot, you can find that information to get in contact with me. If you're looking for a coach, you're just an individual out there, and you would love to learn more about this.

in a one-on-one setting. So I'm a certified coach as well, keynote speaker. If you are a, you know, event planner, someone looking to bring someone in to speak, I would love to connect with you as well. But all of that information you can find at I am the Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go there. Let's connect. Let's hook up. All right, wanna serve you. Wanna love on you. Wanna bless you. Wanna be a blessing to you. All right?

So that's it for today, man. Love you guys, praying for you guys, believing in you guys. I is Travail C.W. Lynch. Mr. What I is your self-worth specialist. And until next time, guys, so much, much love to each and every one of you guys. Peace.