I'm Not for Everyone

S2E21: Trauma, Shame, and Money

March 08, 2022 Lee Cordell Season 2 Episode 21
I'm Not for Everyone
S2E21: Trauma, Shame, and Money
Show Notes

Shame grows in the darkness, in the spaces where we don’t allow ourselves to shine a light. So this week, Dr. Lee wants to begin shedding a little light and examine some of the top areas in which we, as humans, experience shame - with a four-part shame series! 

And today, she is diving into our first topic - money. 

When you think about money and financial resources - what do you feel? What did you learn growing up? So many of us have had many layers of shame laid upon us around money for so long - we don’t even remember how it feels to interact with money in a positive, healthy way (if we ever did)! Join us today for a deep dive into trauma, shame, and money and some of the tools and reframes you can use to forgive & release some of that money shame - and call in more of what you desire in the process!

She’s exploring:

  • Why money is so important to talk about from a shame perspective - and some of her favorite reframes to help you get in good relationship with it
  • Some common unhelpful thoughts/beliefs around money (and what to do about them!)
  • Money in relationships - business partnerships, family, community & intimate relationships
  • How to shift your mindset around debt (from the financial perspective AND the hard-to-measure perspective!)
  • The KEY to creating self-trust around money (hint: it’s not having more of it!)
  • TWO guided exercises to help strengthen your relationship with money
  • And more

Disclaimer: Dr. Lee is expressing her own views and is not offering professional or medical advice.


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