I'm Not for Everyone

S2E27: Trauma, Shame, and Sex

April 19, 2022 Lee Cordell Season 2 Episode 27
I'm Not for Everyone
S2E27: Trauma, Shame, and Sex
Show Notes

(Note: this episode was recorded from a FB live in Dr. Lee's free group. You can find details on how to join below!)

Shame grows in the darkness, in the spaces where we don’t allow ourselves to shine a light. Dr. Lee wants to begin shedding a little light and examine some of the top areas in which we, as humans, experience shame - with a four-part shame series! 

And today, she is wrapping up the series with our fourth and final topic - sex.

What were you personally taught about sex and sexual exploration? Most of us have been conditioned to feel uncomfortable with conversations around sex and the traumas associated with it. So, where do we begin to look at how shame is being used to disempower us as humans in our sexual expression, exploration, and experiences? 

In today’s episode, Dr. Lee is diving into the most common shame topics around sex - race & ethnicity, gender, and taboo desires - and gives us some learning and resources to help examine (and release) some of the shame & trauma we have around our own sexuality.

She’s exploring:

  • Sex & shame - and its connection to gender, race & ethnicity, and taboo desires
  • How sex is approached in American and Western societies (and the confusing duality that may have informed your past experiences)
  • BDSM, kink & nonconsensual monogamy - and the conflicting messaging we receive around pornography!
  • One CRUCIAL question you can ask yourself to determine if you should feel guilty about having or communicating a particular sexual desire
  • The Opposite Action Approach and its use in dealing with self-shame
  • And more

Curious about the live course Dr. Lee mentions at the end of the recording? Learn more here: institutefortrauma.com/TIE 

Disclaimer: Dr. Lee is expressing her own views and is not offering professional or medical advice.


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