I'm Not for Everyone

S2E4: Shame Grows in the Gap with Isha Vela

October 26, 2021 Lee Cordell Season 2 Episode 4
I'm Not for Everyone
S2E4: Shame Grows in the Gap with Isha Vela
Show Notes

On today’s show, Dr. Lee shares space with the amazing Isha Vela, sovereignty specialist and intimacy alchemist - and you don’t want to miss it! They discuss Isha’s journey to healing her sexual shame, dismantling and delving into personal trauma so they can help others heal, and accessing your own desire and pleasure to experience more depth in your life! Join them as they dive into Isha’s powerful work of harnessing life force energy and connecting heart to sex in the service of personal and collective evolution. 

They’re exploring:

  • Isha’s work as a sovereignty specialist & intimacy alchemist (this is powerful stuff, ya’ll!)
  • Dismantling her own trauma and recognizing the shame she held around where she came from
  • A story of shame release in a room full of people (and how Isha was held safely in that moment)
  • The 3 core wounds that women identifying humans commonly experience
  • How societal conditioning shapes how we view our own shame
  • Some powerful advice from Isha if you’ve had experiences of sexual shame or shame of higher self
  • And more!

Connect with Isha:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/revolutionary.rompereglas/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/revolutionary.rompereglas

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isha-vela-454a58217/

Disclaimer: Dr. Lee is expressing her own views and is not offering professional or medical advice.


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