I'm Not for Everyone

S2E9: Trauma Responses: Fight

December 07, 2021 Lee Cordell Season 2 Episode 9
I'm Not for Everyone
S2E9: Trauma Responses: Fight
Show Notes

If you have ever experienced rage, or significant anger & frustration - your fight response may have been activated. But hear this - being in fight mode is okay! This week, Dr. Lee is diving into the first of a trauma response series: fight response. She discusses how you can identify when you are in a fight response, understanding the “why” behind it, and why participating in radical self-acceptance around this is key! 

She’s exploring:

  • What the fight response is and how it can manifest in your behaviors, relationships & life
  • Adrenaline addiction - this one is so interesting ya’ll!
  • The activation of the sympathetic nervous system
  • Actual threats vs. perceived threats - and how to distinguish between them
  • How trauma responses and patterns can repeat themselves (and how this can apply to parenting)
  • Passive-aggressive behaviors as a form of the fight response
  • And more! 

Disclaimer: Dr. Lee is expressing her own views and is not offering professional or medical advice.


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