I'm Not for Everyone

S2E11: Trauma Responses: Fawn

December 21, 2021 Lee Cordell Season 2 Episode 11
I'm Not for Everyone
S2E11: Trauma Responses: Fawn
Show Notes

This week, Dr. Lee is diving deep into the second of the trauma response series: fawn response. She discusses how the response works in the body, the 2 distinct behaviors that we see in the fawn response (and one that is mistakenly viewed as fawn!), and the ways you can identify, respond, and assist with this trauma response. Ready to learn more about what happens when we fawn? Let’s dive in!

She’s exploring:

  • Fawn response and the recent research that has changed how we look at it
  • The 2 IMPORTANT behaviors that we see in the fawn response
  • What looks like a fawn response, but ISN’T!
  • Polyvagal Theory and the nervous system
  • How we fawn - and why it depends on these TWO things
  • Primary attachment to a caregiver and the 3 things that need to be met - and the 5 different categories they need to be met in!
  • A version of people-pleasing that isn’t talked about as often (and why you need to know this)
  • Emotionally regulating yourself when coaching a client that is in fawn response
  • And so much more! 

Disclaimer: Dr. Lee is expressing her own views and is not offering professional or medical advice.


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