Becoming Trauma-Informed

S2E14: Loving Your Scars with Kayleigh Hanlin

January 18, 2022 Lee Cordell
Becoming Trauma-Informed
S2E14: Loving Your Scars with Kayleigh Hanlin
Becoming Trauma-Informed
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Show Notes

Moving beyond the shame of our scars (physical or not!) can be a lifelong journey - and the resiliency & grit it takes to get there is no joke! In today’s episode, Dr. Lee invites Kayleigh Hanlin - personal development junkie, CHD thriver, and author - to discuss her journey with congenital heart disease, the amazing work she’s doing in the world for young women, and learning to live out loud and love yourself - scars and all!

They’re exploring:

  • Thriving with CHD & the amazing work she is doing in the world!
  • Kayleigh’s scars & body stigma - the effects on her youth, dating in college & more
  • How she learned to speak up for herself and her body (and how to do this for yourself or your child)
  • Some anti-shame advice when you (or your child) is curious about someone who is differently-abled 
  • How Kayleigh brings her past experiences into her work with young women
  • Some practical advice if you or your child is going through a similar medical struggle
  • And more!

Connect with Kayleigh:


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Disclaimer: Dr. Lee is expressing her own views and is not offering professional or medical advice.


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