The Higher Gear CIO

Series 2, Episode 3: Don't ever walk past a problem

June 15, 2021 Kelly Kierans
The Higher Gear CIO
Series 2, Episode 3: Don't ever walk past a problem
Show Notes

Key Theme:

  • Don't ever walk past a problem

Leadership Thoughts:

  • It takes courage to trust someone that has failed themselves
  • People are watching and waiting for you to inspire them
  • Leadership is a heart thing more than a head thing
  • Your character and values is what your team is looking at
  • Acknowledge
  • Accept
  • Appreciate
  • When you are a secure leader you can switch back and forth from task focused to people focused


  • Love em and then Lead em
  • If you can't love them then you shouldn't be leading them
  • How do I get my heart all the way in?
  • Acknowledge, Accept and Appreciate - all 3 will help you with the soft skills you need to lead
  • 40% are born task/results focused
  • 40% are born towards relationships/social and people
  • 20% are born able to do both
  • Be consciously aware that your character is the foundation - you have to take care of the mission while caring for your people

How do I reflect on myself as a leader?

  • Do I move toward problems to understand them and work it out?
  • Am I making my expectations clear?
  • Is my goal for my team to be better than me and then celebrate that?
  • Do I believe in my people?
  • Is it difficult for me to connect with people and their hearts?
  • Do I have enthusiasm and emphasis in my voice when I encourage my people?
  • Do I say out loud that I appreciate things?
  • Does my team know what I think?  Am I predictable?
  • Am I task focused or people focused?  Can I switch back and forth quickly?
  • Am I being intentional with my people?