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The illusion of justice - with special guest Aron Flam
May 08, 2018 Aron Flam, Johannes Koch & Jacob Sundberg
Are Swedes only concerned with the illusion of justice rather than real justice, focusing on "millimeter justice" and the equality of outcome? Comedian Aron Flam joins the show to discuss the view on gender that permeates the public discourse in Sweden - and comes up with his very own hypothesis about the state of things in a country seemingly gone mad. This episode includes a long and hilarious rant: about how Sweden is sweeping its historical Nazi support under the carpet, how Swedes constantly jumps on the bandwagon of new ideological trends - and what this has to do with polytheism and socialism. Listen to Aron's own podcast Dekonstruktiv Kritik here: https://soundcloud.com/aronflam Jacob Sundberg is a Swedish author (http://jacobsundberg.se) and Johannes Koch is a German journalist. Together they hypothesize, entertain and enlighten you about a wide variety of topics ranging from the trivial to the existential - and usually spin them out into their illogical conclusions. At times philosophical, at times psychological but hardly ever researched or serious, they jostle with a new (Un)cultured Hypothesis every other week.
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