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Repressed and Naked
May 21, 2018 Johannes Koch & Jacob Sundberg
Lots of nudity in this episode. Johannes makes the case that repressed societies are more likely to produce nudist beach goers since nudity is a way of stripping oneself of status. And is it true that Americans conceive of Europe as one big nudist beach where everyone smokes Gauloises and makes animated hand gestures? Johannes reveals he's hopelessly European by repeatedly making reference to a non-existent baseball team by the name "Boston White Sox" (sorry all Boston or Chicago fans for the mixup). Also, Jacob reveals how he happened to do some naked dancing unaware of a group of spectators. In short, an episode on genitals and culture. Jacob Sundberg is a Swedish author (http://jacobsundberg.se) and Johannes Koch is a German journalist. Together they hypothesize, entertain and enlighten you about a wide variety of topics ranging from the trivial to the existential - and usually spin them out into their illogical conclusions. At times philosophical, at times psychological but hardly ever researched or serious, they jostle with a new (Un)cultured Hypothesis every other week. Credit to Aaron Day for the new jingle and a spectacular sounding episode.
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