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(Un)cultured Hypothesis
On Swedish Racism
September 25, 2018 Johannes Koch & Jacob Sundberg
Only in a country which believes in the superiority of its own people does the word foreigner become an insult. In Sweden, it is taboo to claim or imply that someone is not Swedish. New words for "immigrants" are made up, presumably in order not to offend foreigners - but what does that say about the Swedes' view of themselves?
Jacob claims that Sweden is small enough to be a cult and large enough to be a state - is it true that Sweden is a delusional and self-righteous little country?
The (Un)cultured Hypothesis is a show about the things in culture and society you’ve always wondered about but have never really figured out. Your hosts Jacob Sundberg and Johannes Koch hypothesize, entertain and enlighten you about a wide variety of topics ranging from the trivial to the existential - and usually spin them out into their illogical conclusions. At times philosophical, at times psychological but hardly ever researched or serious they jostle with a new (Un)cultured Hypothesis every other week.
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