Florida Spectacular

Episode 108: Take a Florida B-Movie Road Trip

June 14, 2023 Cathy Salustri Season 3 Episode 108
Florida Spectacular
Episode 108: Take a Florida B-Movie Road Trip
Show Notes

Florida's home to some truly horrible B movies. B movies so bad, they're amazing.  Rick and Cathy take a road trip around the state, using some of the best of the worst films made in Florida as a guide. 

St. Cloud: 2,000 Maniacs

Right next door to tourist-swollen Kissimmee, you'll find St. Cloud, where this delightfully bad film was made in 15 days. Stop by St. Cloud, an area with some fascinating history, and don't forget to eat at The Catfish Place.

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Green Cove Springs: ZAAT

Take one mad scientist, a catfish, and a human, and what do you get? ZAAT. Filmed in Green Cove Springs, a small town on the St. Johns River.
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Marianna Florida: Sharkansas Women's Prison's Massacre

Don't be fooled by the name — This film is all Florida. Check out the scenes filmed at the caves at Florida Caverns State Park. A Jim Wynorski classic.

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 Everglades City: Devil Fish (Monster Shark)

A visit to Everglades City isn't complete without an airboat ride and a look inside the lobby at the Everglades Rod & Gun Club. Check out Joannie's Blue Crab down the street.

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Orlando: Miami Connection  

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Santa Rosa Beach & DeFuniak Springs: Frogs 

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