Florida Spectacular

Episode 13: Mile Marker Zero (Key West)

March 29, 2021 Cathy Salustri Season 1 Episode 13
Florida Spectacular
Episode 13: Mile Marker Zero (Key West)
Show Notes

Meet William McKeen, who shows us the bookish history of Key West in his book, Mile Marker Zero. He's written a bunch of other stuff, too:  Everybody Had an Ocean, a nonfiction narrative; Asshole: A Memoir, a blog; Homegrown in Florida, an anthology; Outlaw Journalist, a biography; Highway 61, a memoir; and Rock and Roll is Here to Stay, an anthology. He lives in Boston but we love this book enough that we'll forgive him. He's written nine books, two more than he has children.  


Twitter & Insta: @wmckeen

Facebook: William McKeen

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