Mind Your Business

Episode 72: Referral Reigns Supreme!

December 05, 2023 Matt Williams and Alan Clark Season 1 Episode 72
Mind Your Business
Episode 72: Referral Reigns Supreme!
Show Notes

What is one of the most productive ways you can strengthen and grow your business?

Personal referral.

In this episode Alan and Matt discuss how to make optimum use of this simple and yet highly effective business strengthening strategy and establish a discerning referral system.

Your Hosts:

Matt Williams is the founder and owner of Cypher, the fastest growing accountancy firm in Oxford. As an accountant Matt combines his extensive expertise in the financial world with boundless business insights gained through many years of supporting clients across a range of industries.  Matt lives with his family in Oxfordshire and is known for his humour and optimism, both of which are necessary traits as he supports Oxford City Football Club. 
Find Matt at www.cypherhq.co.uk

Alan Clark  is the founder and Managing Director of Exponential Coaching,  his business and leadership coaching focuses on creating growth experiences to help entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and their businesses to thrive. A Pharmacist by background, Alan spent many years in Senior Leadership roles within a global health care company and draws on these experiences alongside wisdom gained from coaching a myriad of clients; from start-up's, established SME's to multinational conglomerates. Originally from Glasgow, Alan now lives in Worcestershire with his wife, teenage children and a growing number of pets. 
Find Alan at www.exponentialcoaching.co.uk