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#12 The Roots of Healing

April 01, 2021 Patricia Worby
Rebel Health Radio
#12 The Roots of Healing
Show Notes

In this 38 min conversation with naturopathic nutritionist Janie Perry we discuss the predispositions of disease and how to overcome and heal them.

Janie learn from her own experience of IBS and post viral fatigue that symptoms of chronic disease often start slowly in childhood and early adulthood, becoming more and more debilitating until a tipping point is reached whereby the body cannot repair anymore. conventional medicine then says treat the symptoms but this inevitably leads to more and more as the common drugs like antibiotics and steroids often create more gut dysbiosis (inbalance).
Natural medicine has a different approach.
We talk about:

  • The root and branch model of human health
  • the importance of terrain ('soil'' of the gut)
  • toxic load and how to mitigate
  • the links between CFS/ME and long covid
  • how trauma or adverse childhood events predispose you to these conditions

Janie can be contacted at and myself at,  and my podcast