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Crypto journey to Financial Freedom - DAISY

July 03, 2021 Episode 20
Rebel Health Radio
Crypto journey to Financial Freedom - DAISY
Show Notes

Second in my series of podcasts on the financial freedom journey into crypto currency.
Many people are put off investing in this as it's considered:

  • too complicated/scary
  • too volatile
  • only for financial whizzkids with loads of money

In this video I debunk some of these misconceptions and further explain the reasons why I think crypto is a democratic alternative to traditional banking and how and why I got involved..  See also my first video on the Hyperfund.

In this one I focus on a crowd-funding AI platform DAISY which is currently producing good returns (30-40% p/a) on as little as a £$100 investment as purely passive income while you sleep! You don't need to do referrals or get involved with the marketing to others so prevalent in the MLM arena. With the upcoming release of a new coin (a rival to bitcoin) available to purchase at a discount, now is the time to get involved. If you are interested in finding out more go here. Right now there is extra incentive. There is a chance to buy Daisy tokens (a form of crypto currency) for just over a $1US when the public offering (ICO) will be $5 per coin with a projected growth of at least 10% per year (could be anywhere upwards from that of course - maybe even 400%). Go here to take part. You can follow this video too to find out how to do the deposit. But please use my invitation link not his as you found it first via this podcast and you will need that to take part.

NB please be aware I am not a financial adviser and there are financial implications to any investment especially in crypto which is largely unregulated so please take this as educational only. If you wish to get advice please use a financial adviser or specialist crypto tax specialist.

And if you are thinking why is a health podcast talking about crypto - I think financial freedom will give me the chance to create the kind of healing community /space that I have always dreamed of. Join me, make it happen.

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