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#32 Bitcoin Revolution for Beginners

October 29, 2021 Patricia Worby
Rebel Health Radio
#32 Bitcoin Revolution for Beginners
Show Notes

6 months ago I was just like you. I was sceptical, confused and wondering what all the fuss was about! in that time bitcoin value has doubled..

Then I began to look into the world fo cryptocurrency and decentralised finance.  In this short video I invite all of you that have NO IDEA about cryptocurrency who are interested to get involved with £10 worth of FREE bitcoin - simply by downloading and validating the Luno app https:// on your smartphone or tablet and using this code: BPPWORBY in the Rewards tab. That's it.

No strings, no sales, all you have to be is:
-over 18
-no previous purchase of bitcoin and ideally
- interested in learning more (although this is not compulsory there will be webinar invite to find out more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Join the revolution!

Luno is FCA regulated (one of the few crytocurrency companies that is in the UK) and their app is simple and straightforward. No need to understand complex trading or the technology behind it. Just download, verify and go.

Contact me for more information or just go ahead and try it.