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#33 Anxiety in Mass Observance /conformity

November 08, 2021 Patricia Worby
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#33 Anxiety in Mass Observance /conformity
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In this short audio I talk about how anxiety and lack of emotional connection plays a major role in the development of mass formations of culture like the one we're in at the moment. Psychology has much to teach us about how even out elected leaders, traumatised as they are already, cannot lead us to a state of freedom as their minds are mobilised towards threat. We are all instates of low emotional resilience right now.
My thoughts an interpretation on a Pandemic podcast by a professor of psychology here:
There are 4 pre-requisites for the kind of cultural narrative we are seeing during this pandemic:

1. A disconnect from community/family/collective structures 
2. A lack of meaning in our lives (jobs or lives that give us no joy or meaning)
3. A free floating anxiety
4. Unresolved aggression

The effect of these being in place (and Brexit in the UK was the perfect playgroud) means that when we have no overall connection we will look for a false sense of groupthink to attach to (a very narrow focus) that does not allow for dialogue, dissent, informed opinion outside of the culturally prescribed narrative. Instead, anyone who does not agree is vilified, ostracised and alienated - and in the current context is also excluded from a lot of the things that make life meaningful: freedom of movement, freedom association and medical freedom in the assertion that 'we're all in it together' which eulogises some of those doing their jobs (NHS workers) whilst not rewarding them financially or recognising the huge sacrifices other people are forced to make when they cannot get treatment for the more routine problems (and indeed the more serious ones - cancer treatment for instance). Let alone the huge waste of resources and desperate lack of funding for mental health services that will surely lead to more anxiety, more alienation. 
This is how totalitarian governments operate before instigating draconian measures to eliminate certain groups.

hi everyone patricia warwick alchemy therapies here and just a a quick summary of 2021 well 2021 was the year in which we saw the full polarization and the impact of fear on a population which i did predict early in the year but um sadly it came to pass and we saw the polarization the distinction between us and them between government and people what's fit for them and what's fit for us um between different groups of people those who choose to go with the narrative and those who choose not to follow the narrative that we're given um from the unity of the year before where we were all clapping for carers and we were all in it together supposedly uh we're now seeing the reality is that we're not indeed and that um people are being pitted against each other which is a real well it's just such a sad situation at the beginning of the year i wanted to reach out to those people that like me were finding the anxiety and the the stress of this situation really severe uh obviously i can only reach a certain number of people uh per week if i'm doing one-to-one work i can do a maximum of 12 people 12 sessions a week so i had an idea to reach out via an online program by a group program where we could take on groups of people who would not only support each other but they would learn from me and each other and that has now completed the initial first ever emotional audit program finished in december 2021 and it's going to be relaunched in february 2022 and i've just been going through the feedback so i wanted to review some of the feedback with you just to show you that this course did have a profound impact and though it wasn't perfect and i was very grateful that people kind of were aware of that it was the initial thing that i was doing was going through knowing that it wasn't going to be perfect and that was the founder membership but here are some of the responses that i've had um from people so um someone said it was really supportive and enlightening and far more than they had hoped for someone else said they particularly enjoyed my down-to-earth approach to training my active listening skills which were second to none and coming from a place of authenticity at all times the amount of work that i put into handouts and thank you for being you someone said oh so thank you um i have enjoyed the course immensely uh i thought i had a broad knowledge base when i started but this added to it and my wonderful presentations brought everything to sharp focus and added the clarity needed to draw new insights into my past and present um someone else said i had amazing and relaxed delivery style and thank you for that and someone else said um it's been very supportive and empowering and someone else said also thank you and it's truly changed the way i see trauma myself and others so you can see that we've had a good response and i'm hoping when i relaunch that i take with me all the positive things i learned from this experience but also i add to it and start to improve it and make it even bigger and better and i'm actually relaunching my website in a week or two so that's going to be possible then to book the course uh specifically using the new website and so i'm looking forward to having a new face a front face for my for my approach here i truly think this is a radical new way to treat trauma i think the one thing that trauma thrives on really is isolation and as we've seen this year with what's been going on in the external world isolation is such a big big part of feeling overwhelmed which is what creates trauma so i really would like to encourage people to join together with me and celebrate what we can do to help each other and support each other and that we're not we're not really alone although we can feel that way we need to learn to band together with others who kind of help us to feel connected to feel human human beings need connection and without connection we tend to flounder so this is really all about building community community of we don't have to all agree with each other we we all have to be perhaps compassionate to each other and our differences and be aware of our differences but also active listening which is one of the skills i bring is so important to hear what other people have to say and to see the commonalities all of our fears really are about survival they're about being able to raise our children in safety and security about having safety and security in our old age about not suffering pain or disconnection you know that's what most people want they want that kind of feeling of being okay and that's what's being denied to us in many many ways through the approach that we're seeing and it's been a scary time but there have been so many good things that have come out of this uh the willingness i think for people to engage in new ways and i've been encouraging that throughout the year i've been actually talking about some of my journeys into new areas which i haven't focused on before for instance the cryptocurrency learning about finance taking control of my finances um perhaps breaking some of the old patterns that i've had about the fear of money and the fear of death and um really fear of being overwhelmed and kind of drawing together with people who perhaps have faced those similar fears and learning from them and although i'm not by any means at the end of that journey i'm certainly still at the beginning of it i do feel that we we have a responsibility to each other and to ourselves to take charge of our world the world that we wish for rather than the world we have right now and part of the world we have right now is one where the rich and the poor are vastly different and we have very little equality in the world and so we have the inevitable problems that that brings of people with money uh and power because money unfortunately confers power they tend to work in tandem actually dominating the dialogue and dictating policy um we call that capture policy capture so where you have money and influence you're able to infiltrate the systems that are meant to oversee policy um for instance in regulation in regulation of monetary systems in regulation of health systems and education systems we're seeing increasingly that these are bought out by industry by corporate bodies who have vast amounts of power and so i want to undermine that i want to disrupt it i want to create something that's a little more equitable that actually works for the majority of people rather than the minority and helps to distribute power and influence to those who actually know more about it at the you know at the forefront of these systems who are actually using these systems and so i've had this long journey through understanding quite how desperately um corrupt our systems are starting with the banking system which i never knew i never understood i was aware of the crash in 2009 but i didn't really understand why it come about and i know so much more now about the banking system and and i've learned that and then looking at the health system you know that's also been bought out by um certain bodies pharmaceutical companies um scientific advisory bodies who have a lot of profit to gain from keeping things pretty much on the path that we're on which is the sort of uh chemical solution if you like to everything the pill for every ill and not looking at the bio psychosocial aspects of what keeps people healthy in other words having a health system rather than a sickness system so we have we have a corrupt system both in finance we have a corrupt system in health and i think increasingly we have a corrupt system in government as well as we have a scientifically literate governmental system uh both uh you know our policymakers but also the people that advise them um are i believe not telling the truth are having a a version of science which is as if it's a one it's a one thing that there is the science rather than a dialogue or a theory that we then seek to disprove which is the true scientific method and we're not being able to have that dialogue we're not able to discuss what's going on we're not even allowed to venture that it might not be the right direction we're being absolutely shut down from discourse which is the most anti-scientific thing i've ever heard so i i appeal to people to keep an open mind and to learn as much as you can about what's going on to take what i have learned from my approaches to trauma which by the way we're in a time of trauma so trauma is everywhere and to understand that you can't just ignore it doesn't go away we actually have to engage community connection support in order to resolve where we are and that's really why i do what i do and it's been so brought into relief this year so i wish you all a wonderful and happy 2022 let's hope for better things this year um more cohesion and a little bit more compassion for each other take care everybody bye for now